Greetings! It’s been a while since I wrote anything of interest on here that will actually help you look good as opposed to just inform you about our products so – I have done some research and come up with the 4 best tips to make a plus size woman look good and avoid a few pitfalls. Some of you may be well aware of all of this but I hope you enjoy reading anyway. The rest of you – Prepare to be educated!

1 – Do not wear vertical stripes

Yes i said vertical, not horizontal. I want to debunk a myth here. You may or may not agree but I will let you fight that out in the comments! For a bit of background – there may be parts of your body that you do not want to draw attention to and it is said that stripes can effect that way the eye perceives the shape of your body.  It’s is commonly believed that it is horizontal stripes you should avoid. This in not apparently true, according to an article on the Telegraph website here:

As you can see, according to Dr Thompson it is in fact vertical stripes that you should avoid and not the dreaded horizontal stripes we hear so much about! I would encourage you all to experiment and see what happens. If you still have your doubts then maybe just in the mirror or in front of a friend before you venture out!

2 –  Wear dark colours

I am not going to argue with this one. It is widely known that dark colours are more flattering for fuller figured women. Not only are they more flattering but it is said that they can actually have a slimming effect. So… we are talking about blacks, navy blues crimsons etc..  This is not to say you can’t shouldn’t wear bright colours but you should use them to draw attention to the favourite parts of your body.

3 – Small patterns, not big

Big patterns and such cause people to spend more time looking at your body. So when you are looking for something with a pattern avoid things that are too eye catching and go for small floral designs or polka dots or other shapes.

4 – Use accessories to your advantage

Accessories are like your secret weapon. you can use them, as I said above with the bright colours, to draw attention to the parts of your body that you want to show off. So for your face you can use a hat or a scarf. If you like your hands then obviously a bracelet or a ring. You get the idea. Accessories can of course be used the opposite way if you want to draw attention away from or dress a part of your body. For example. If you have larger hand or fingers, then wear chunky jewelry to cancel it out. Long dangling earrings can make you neck look longer and draw attention upwards.

Well, I am actually quite enjoying this now, maybe I am in the wrong line of work! Gok Wan better watch his back . . . (:

Next time I am going to look at how to dress for your body type. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment either here or on Facebook:!/pages/Wingz/149369098456673

I would love to know what you have to say about the vertical stripes in particular. I thought it was the other way around until I started researching this post.

Thanks for reading!

 – eddie  (: