Welcome to the new FatPhRocks blog!

I am Eddie, Michelle and Steve’s webmaster. I am writing this blog to keep you all up to date with what is going on with fatphrocks and the ‘Plus Size’ / ‘Tall Plus Size’ market in general. I hope you will enjoy what I have to say and hopefully I can get everything down in one place that you need to know. If you will, please take a moment to subscribe to the blog via the email input at the bottom of the page. You will receive updates when I post etc and be able to keep your finger on the pulse! For the first post on the new blog, I thought it would be nice to give you a bit of background on the whole thing.

So… Michelle is a designer, mum of 3 children under 6 years, wife of Steve and an entrepreneur. She first appeared on This Morning in the 2009 final of ‘Mumpreneur’ (a Dragons Den style competition for Mums) with her invention, The Baby Splatter Screen.

The seed for Wingz was planted in 2009 because Michelle could not find anything suitable to cover her arms without the added bulk of a cardigan, shrug or bolero. The first Wingz went on sale in December 2010 but by this time Fatphrocks was already trading and selling a popular range of tall plus size clothing for women.

Fatphrocks prides itself on plus size from conception which means that all clothes designed by Michelle are produced with the needs of a fuller figure in mind. Michelle wears all her own designs before production to ensure comfort, ease of wear and to check it receives compliments!!

All the feedback they have received has been positive. People just can’t get enough of the Wingz and the Tall Plus Size Clothing! Here is just some of the feedback that Michelle and Steve have received via ebay: Remember, if you shop at our online store at FatPhRocks.com we are currently offering FREE shipping on all orders.

Further to that, here are some comments we had had from users about the products:

Brilliant pitch on dragons den
– toonarmyinternet

just little message to say u were GREAT on dragons den. clever idea! 🙂 good luck with everything x

– minxlaura

I have just seen you on Dragons Den and I wanted to say I think these wings are amazing! I have been trying to find something like this in a while and havent had any luck! I loved your dress and wings on the show – u looked lovely!
Nats x

– zimbonats-2009

Hi, just saw the products on Dragons Den, they are brilliant, I think they are fools not to invest! I hope that you go on to do big things! I will most deff be trying them when i get paid 🙂

– duloks1

Hi, if you were the same business on the dragons den i would like to say i love your product and on pay day will be purchasing some wingz!! 🙂

– raver028

Great pitch on Dragons Den, good luck with this great idea…..

– unlimited5

hi saw you on dragons den last night glad i did. i saw your wingz on ebay but wasnt sure about them , now i do and think its great. i loved the white one with the beading on is there any chance you will be doing somthing simalr again for sale, hope you do well
regards brigid

– whippy1701

Hi,just a note to say Can’t believe the Dragons did not invest,you should be able to do for women what Jacamo did for men.Good luck

– picard1718

And a few from the Wingz Facebook Page:

As you can see, people really do like our products. We are all hoping that this is the shape of things to come. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a write up of our appearance on Dragons Den