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….and do we care?

Amy has started a Twitter storm this week with a dig at Glamour magazine, who had the audacity to put her on the “Chic at Any Size” cover with a group of plus size beauties like Melissa McCarthy and Adele  and say that she was a woman who inspired them.

Amy thought that the fact she was labelled as plus size was ‘not cool, Glamour’ and added that she hadn’t been told that they were going to include her in their issue.

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So it’s fine to make a living with self-deprecating humour talking about the fact she’s not skinny, and is happy about being ‘a bit chubby’ – but when she’s identified as plus size by Glamour, it’s no longer cool?

We’ve been here before with the plus size/not plus size debate and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Personally, I think the label plus size is just a useful way of knowing whether a dress might be your size or not, but apparently some women see it as a bad thing.


Amy has tried to distance herself from the furore, understandably, as her comedy routine does rather rely on being not skinny.

Apparently, the Glamour cover just reinforces the idea that “larger body types are the exception, while a traditional model’s more slender figure is the rule.”

So was she annoyed at unnecessary labelling of women – or was she just upset at being included?

And here’s what Amy has to say about herself:

Have to admit Amy is funny…but what do YOU think?