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You can’t fail to have noticed that everyone is going a bit loopy over animal print accessories at the moment. It’s not just accessories, either, just the flash of a Zara shirt with a leopard print fabric pocket (worn by Olivia Palermo) sent all the fashion editors off into a spin recently.

Fashion week was awash with gorgeous animal prints, some more overstated than others, and whether we like it or not, animal print accessories appear to be the way to go.

If you’re ready to embrace the trend in all its glory, an animal print coat could be a stunning way to impress people at the works Christmas party. Yes, I went there with the ‘c’ word. It has been suggested that combining two on-trend looks in one, by wearing a leopard print coat over the top of a black corset, would be ideal for getting the party started, but that might be a little bit too daring for any of us who aren’t quite ready to expose our entire bodies to the November and December elements.

Coat draping is everywhere at the moment, the coat-as-a-shrug or ‘crug’ popped up in so many of the Street Style roundups from the Fashion Weeks. Try elegantly draping a flowing animal print coat over a white shirt and jeans for an update on the retro barmaid look that won’t look dated.

Animal Print Boots

Top Shop leopard print boots

Boots – Top Shop

You won’t have to look far to find gorgeous animal print boots on the high street and online. Pick your favourite and team them up with jeans and a plain top for a casual look. Add a bit of colour on a night out with bright accessories in lovely clashing shades (plum works well with most animal prints) and you can upscale the look for a party with a short skirt, black tights and a lace top. Very Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Zara animal pocket shirt

Still available online from ROMWE.COM

Animal Print Accessories

Still worried that you’ll look overdressed in animal print? Scale it down by adding the merest touch to your wardrobe. Treat yourself to a leopard print handbag and take it everywhere with pride.

Find a top with a flash of animal print on it, just enough to make people sit up, take notice and ask you were you got it from (the one Olivia Palermo was spotted in is from Zara. And is already sold out)

Add some Silver Snake print Wingz to a black top and be the only person in the room in them. Easy to pair with a sleeveless or short sleeved top, they add a bit of interest to any plain outfit and they are subtle enough not to make you look over the top What’s more, they are on sale at the moment for just £9.99…

silver snake print wingz