in or out with Wingz


No, don’t scroll away – I’m not talking about what you think I am!

I’m talking about your arms.

Sometimes, the decision is taken out of our hands, like most of the year. But when the sun comes out and you’re outside making the most of it, are you a ‘cover them up’ girl or a ‘bare them to the sun’ lady?

Personally, I’m undecided. I like to feel the sun on my skin, I’m a real spring/summer girl. But at the same time, my skin gets a bit cross if it’s too exposed to the elements and can go from ‘OK, this is nice’ to ‘cover me up NOW’ in what seems like minutes. So what’s a girl to do?

I confess that I do have a few loose kimono/shrug type things that I can drape over my shoulders when I’m feeling the burn. Sometimes, I don’t want to cover up a pretty dress or top, though, I just want to cover my shoulders so that I don’t get sunburn. So I have a set of plain half sleeve Wingz in my bag when I’m out and about in the summer, and if I start getting the telltale tingle, I can pop them on under whatever I’m wearing, carry on soaking up the warmth and not end up with sore shoulders and strap marks.

Are you a bit shy of exposing your arms? I know some women are – women of all sizes are made to think their arms are too fat, thin, wobbly, wrinkly…I get it. With the way the media harp on about women’s bodies, it can be hard to feel body confident. I’ve seen so many women sitting in the sun with cardis on, looking hot and sweaty, and it makes me feel sad. How can you enjoy summer when you’re feeling so hot and uncomfortable?

Wingz can’t give you instant body confidence or change the media, but what they can do is give you a different way to cover up your arms in the heat that won’t leave you feeling overheated and sweaty. You can slip them on under a dress or top, and because they are literally just sleeves attached to a band of elastic, you won’t be wearing two layers. Keep cool with super thin stretch viscose (we’ve got some reviews of those coming up) or floaty, summery chiffon and make a fashion statement instead of hiding under bulky coverups.

So…are you in or out?