back to school wingz

It’s the time of year that Facebook is crammed full of teary-eyed parents posting cute pics of their offspring as they start another (or in some cases, their first ever) year at school. The kids have gone back to school, and it means a change in the weather is nigh.

It will be Fashion Week time of year later this month, too, where the designers, buyers, Instagram influencers and and magazine editors converge to decide which of the outlandish catwalk designs are most likely to be wearable next spring and summer. So, while they are all debating next year’s in colours, we’re looking at upscaling our summer wardrobes for the back to school look – not quite ready for thick woolly jumpers and not willing to say goodbye to summer dresses just yet…

Back to school in style

To help with the dilemma of what to wear on the school run as the weather turns, we’ve got a fantastic offer for you. Our lace Wingz have been flying out over the last few months as we reduced them all to £14.99 – we aren’t looking at replacing our lace stock any time soon, so it really is your last chance to get your hands on a set.

Most of the black lace Wingz are now very low stock although there are still SOME available. BUT…we have stock in the white lace left and so we’re going to give you the chance to snap some up for even less…

To celebrate the kids going back to school and the impending arrival of autumn, we’re practically giving ALL lace Wingz away in all sizes for a fantastic £9.99. That’s almost 50% off of their original price of £18.99 and it’s an absolute bargain!

For a reminder of how fabulous the white lace Wingz look, here’s a few words from some of the lovely bloggers who have reviewed them for us…

Loopy Laura said;

Wingz feature a scoop neck at the front and back to make the garment blend in with your top or dress. It didn’t feel like I was wearing an extra item, it just felt like a natural part of the dress.
I loved wearing the Wingz: they really gave me a confidence boost and now I can refresh my wardrobe and resurrect my strapless and sleeveless tops that have been stuck at the back of the cupboard.

Loopy laura back to school Wingz


Kelly loved them too, saying on her blog, Leafy not Beefy;

The lace is soft and it was comfortable.  I think this white color would look so super pretty with a white dress, especially a white lace dress to give it that connected look and tie it together.

wingz products

Another Wingz lover, Charley, said;

It’s starting to get cooler, but some days it’s still not cold enough to properly layer up, but these sleeves are perfect. They add a layer to your arms without making your middle too wrapped up like it would with another top, or even a cardigan.

So – if you need a little oomph for your back to school wardrobe, your back to work wardrobe, or just your wardrobe in general, lace Wingz are available in a selection of lengths, and at £9.99 each, you would be nuts not to…