In case you hadn’t noticed, winter appears to have officially made its appearance, and the sun has gone behind the clouds, leaving us with the dilemma of whether to wear tights and cover up our arms.

For most of us, that dilemma is easily resolved with a trusty pair of 70 deniers and a cardi.

The fashionistas are on the warpath when it comes to tights this winter, however. A fashion writer called Toni Jones has said in the Daily Mail this week; “As well as being entirely unsexy, tights are lazy. They are the sartorial equivalent of scraping your hair back when you know you should have washed it but ran out of time.”


It’s all very well for the likes of Cara Delevingne and Victoria Beckham to parade their naked legs in the middle of winter; they are only going from the taxi into the posh restaurant, and not fighting their way around the town with bags full of shopping in the pouring rain.

Toni added, “’Women with bare legs look more put together and definitely more stylish. You wouldn’t find Carine Roitfeld, Angelina Jolie or SJP rocking a bobbly opaque.”

No, and I doubt very much that most of us will be frequenting the type of place that these ladies are likely to be papped with their bare legs, either. If Ange had to wait on a station platform in the cold at 7.30 in the morning, no doubt she would be wearing her favourite opaques too.

As for arms – well, the cardi seems to be a winter staple, and we can see why as they are easy just to sling on and cover up. But you wouldn’t want to have to wear one for an important meeting, and spend the entire time pulling it back up onto your shoulder when it keeps falling off.

The answer to pulling off winter layering without looking like the Michelin woman underneath bulky cardis and uncomfortable long sleeved tees is to invest in a few pairs of Wingz which you can pop on underneath your short sleeve dresses and not have to think about while you’re wearing them.  Wingz are so comfortable, and don’t scrunch up underneath dresses and tops so you keep the smooth line of your outfit – just adding a bit of fashionable arm coverage.


If you’d like to try a pair for yourself, you’re in good company – they’ve recently been reviewed by Betty Pamper and Just me Leah, and if you go to the Wingz Facebook page you’ll find a free competition to win a pair of Wingz to the value of £20 (most pairs are less than £20 so there’s a lot of choice!)

Ignore the snooty fashion victims and cover up in style this winter!