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Wedding season is in full swing now, and no doubt there will be a few last-minute fashion dilemmas to overcome before you get to the canapes and Champagne. Here are Wingz top tips for being the best dressed wedding guest this year…

Best dressed wedding guests don’t upstage the bride

However tempting it might be, especially if you’re the groom’s ex, or you don’t like her, upstaging the blushing bride at her own nuptials is a massive no-no. By all means get the prettiest new dress you can and make yourself look totally amazing, but if you go too far and turn up with a really over the top frock on, you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons. Anything that screams ‘look at me’ needs to be left in the wardrobe, and that includes prom dresses, last year’s bridesmaids outfits or anything with sequins on, anywhere.

Wear gorgeous colours

When the sun’s out, colourful dresses look amazing, especially if you’ve managed to get a bit of a tan before the event. When the sun is hiding, and skies are grey, which is quite possible at an English wedding, strong colours will brighten the photographs up. If you’re going for a standout colour, ask the bride about the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses though as you don’t want to look like one of the wedding party in the same colours.

Don’t wear white, unless you’re the bride

We don’t really have to explain this one, do we?  No best dressed wedding guest would dare to show up in a white frock, it’s just not done. No matter how gorgeous your tan might be, or how tempting it is to wear the pretty white dress you have in the wardrobe, don’t. Even if you’re not trying to upstage the bride, that’s what people will think. On the same lines…

…Avoid wearing black to a wedding

Although this wedding fashion rule has been relaxed a bit in recent years and wedding guests have shown up in sophisticated black ensembles, it’s still frowned upon. You might be able to make a case for it at a winter wedding but at this time of year, wedding guests should stick to pastels, bold colours or pretty prints.

Leave your skimpy outfits for the hen do

Weddings are a formal occasion (most of the time) so you should reflect that with your choice of wedding outfit. Even if the ceremony is in a register office, you still need to show a bit of decorum, so don’t show off in see-through fabrics, leave the plunging necklines for nights out and don’t go too clingy. Anything too risqué might be seen as attention seeking.

Don’t dress too casually

If you’re reading about how to be a best dressed wedding guest, we doubt very much you’re likely to think it’s OK to turn up to a wedding in jeans anyway – even the evening do. But some people would! Unless it’s a theme wedding and the dress code is specific about casual dress, remember that it’s a big day for the couple involved and it doesn’t hurt to make an effort to reflect that. If you’re not a dress kind of person, that’s fine too, just find some smart trousers instead. But not jeans!

Take a pair of flats with you

You’ll want to wear your fancy shoes for the ceremony but by the time the meal is over and the cheesy disco comes out, the last thing you want to do is dance in a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals. Sneak a pair of flats into your bag and you can casually swap them over when your feet start to throb. Nobody will notice – they will all be too busy making the most of the free Prosecco.

If it’s a bit chilly, you’ll probably appreciate a set of Wingz stashed in your bag for later, too. They roll up really small so just pop a set in the bag and when everyone else in the marquee is getting goose bumps, you’ll still be looking stylish and feeling comfortable…