I’ve a mouth as big as my bottom and I sometimes need to share mythoughts.Make a cup of tea, get comfortable and lets put the world to rights.

Don’t let the name Wingz fool you these aren’t a new sanitary pad they are sleeves which you can add to any clothes without them. I was slightly skeptical as to how they would work but I am absolutely taken with them.

In a nutshell they are almost like a bra without cups so a strap with sleeves attached sits under the bust and you put the sleeves on and voile, instant bingo wing cover. They are £15.99 and come in all different colours and materials so if you sick of having to put cardigans over half your dress collection well worth checking out.

I have two pairs in the size 2 and they were very comfortable and well fitted. I have a lace pair as well which I will also try out but I think this black pair will be getting so much use.”