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Halloween Costumes Wingz

Cheap and Cheerful Halloween Costumes

Halloween – depending on your outlook, it’s either a time of year you look forward to with glee, planning Halloween costumes months ahead and proudly…
Autumn Fashion Wingz

Winning at Autumn Fashion with Wingz

Autumn Fashion. What do you wear at this time of year? The temptation just to take a cardi everywhere is strong, and the need for…
New york fashion week yellow

New York, New York Fashion Week Update

It’s New York Fashion Week and the magazines are full of what’s going to be hot for spring 2017. Next week we’ll be talking London…
lipoedema wingz

Lipoedema – it’s not just any old fat!

#Repost @talklipoedema with @repostapp ・・・ All of these legs from the tiniest up are Lipoedema! Each of us suffers differently to the other.. Watch #itvthismorning…