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body confident woman

Get body confident FAST

  We all have days when we wake up feeling a bit meh, and even the most body confident among us knows exactly how that…
spring bling Wingz reviews

Spring Bling with Wingz

  Hands up who has enjoyed the recent dose of sunshine, an unexpected return to summertime that we’ve experienced in the past week? Hands up…
easter fashion

Win at Easter fashion with Wingz

It’s Easter and we should be thinking about walks in the park, sunshine and daffodils, but instead we’ve had  scary weather forecasts about anther Beast…
British fashion follower of fashion

Dedicated follower of fashion…

  Are you a trend setter or a follower of fashion? According to recent reports, more of us are now doing our own thing and…
fashion advice

Say What? Bad Fashion Advice

We all have our own opinions on what works and what doesn’t – and we’ve all taken bad fashion advice from people – and blogs…