Wingz body confidence

We all have days when we wake up feeling less than body confident. There is usually no real reason for it, we might be hormonal, fed up or just tired, but it doesn’t seem to matter what we do, we just don’t feel right.

How do you beat the bad body confidence day blues? Here are a few tips that will hopefully take you through to your next feeling fabulous day,

Wear something you know suits you

OK, it sounds dull, but whether we like it or not, not all style trends were created to suit everyone. Some just don’t look right on your body shape; I look terrible in maxi dresses for example even though I keep buying them in the vain hope that ‘this one will be different’.

On days where you need an extra shot of body confidence mojo, drag out the old faithful dress, jeans or skirt you’ve been complimented on before and work that look like you own it.

Add a bit of colour

Resist the temptation to hide yourself away from head to toe in black on a bad body day and embrace the colour instead. Wearing bright colours, or just pretty colours, can have a psychological effect on you if you’re feeling down, so find something in a colour you adore and step out in that. It will lift your mood and you’ll instantly feel more confident. If you don’t do bright clothes, at the very least add a pop of bright lipstick.

Body confidence boost with decent shape wear

Shape wear isn’t just about pull it all in pants, which can make you feel a bit, well, constricted. Good quality shape wear gives you a great silhouette and smooth lines under your clothes – there’s nothing more confidence sapping than fabric bunching up under a slinky dress or a bad case of VPL.

Wingz can also come to the rescue if you’re having a moment about showing your arms – we all have off days and if you decide that you really want to wear a gorgeous sleeveless top but you can’t bear the idea of getting your arms out – slip on the Wingz under the top and nobody will be any the wiser. See – instant confidence.

Wear fabulous (but comfortable) shoes

It doesn’t matter how pretty the shoes are, if they hurt your feet they aren’t going to infuse you with confidence. It doesn’t do your look much good to be hunched up, limping or tottering around wincing because you’ve got blisters and the bottoms of your feet feel as if they are on fire.

What you need is a really good pair of heels that look fantastic but don’t make you straddle the pain threshold. You’ll feel absolutely amazing in shoes that look good and feel good, and you’ll be able to work those babies all night.

Wear that dress you can just throw on

We all need one – that dress that looks good with anything, fits perfectly and doesn’t need ironing. If you have this item of clothing in your wardrobe, never get rid of it because on bad body confidence days it’s the garment you need to get your mojo back up.

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