fashion wingz body image rant

OK, it’s time for a bit of a body image rant. It’s awards season again so of course there are column inches dedicated to people’s fashion choices all over the media. OK, what I say people, I mean WOMEN.

That’s fine, it’s to be expected. There are always going to be celebs on the red carpet who try to outdo each other with outlandish outfits and if you’re deliberately going all out to stand out in something that’s going to get commented on, you’ve probably got to accept the rough with the smooth, media coverage wise.

But the hypocrisy of the media is astounding. On the same day that there was a faux concerned article about women developing lifelong eating disorders and having zero body confidence, there was an article splashed on the front page of the same ‘publication’ which shall remain nameless, dedicated to completely ripping any woman at the National Television Awards to shreds if she wasn’t wearing an outfit they approved of.

Why do I feel the need for a body image rant?

It’s disgusting. The same online publication had articles dedicated to celebs’ ‘ample assets’, ‘flashing cleavage’,’flashing underwear’, ‘displaying curves’, ‘shrinking figure’, ‘taut tummy’, ‘toned figure’, ‘copious cleavage’, , ‘breathtaking curves’, ‘hourglass curves’, ‘super-skinny frame’, ‘shows off her legs’, ‘sporty figure’, ‘busty display’, ‘trim figure’. Those were all on ONE page, at the same time, on ONE day. I suspect it would be the same every day you looked.

Can’t they see the link between their constant obsession with women’s bodies and WOMEN’S constant obsession with their bodies? Most magazines and this type of newspaper are funded by companies who make millions out of getting women (and slowly, men too) to feel broken and not good enough. How do they fix themselves? Spend money on products advertised in the media. You constantly feel like you’re too fat, too old, too spotty, too skinny, too plain, too flat chested, too cellulitey, too grey…what do you do? Pay to change yourself.

Wingz is a company that celebrates women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We know we have an amazing product that while some ladies like to wear it to give themselves extra confidence (and that’s completely their choice) it’s also a fun fashion product, a pretty, fashionable addition to your wardrobe that helps you get the most out of your clothes. If you come over and have a look at our Facebook Page, we often post body positive images and videos because we passionately believe that all women deserve to feel good about themselves. We have a close connection with Lipoedema ladies, because founder Michelle, who also designed Wingz, came up with the idea as a way to help ladies with the condition feel less self conscious.

It’s so heartbreaking to read about women hating their bodies at ANY size. Don’t be dragged into the endless cycle. Celebrate your body, love it and treat it with kindness. Wear clothes that you love to wear and don’t even think about whether they are ‘appropriate’. If you love what you’re wearing, it’s appropriate.

One day, we’ll look back and laugh at the 21st century media. I suggest we start laughing right now…