body parts to be positive about

Do you have VBO, a Hip Dip or Thunder Thighs? Then you are not alone – these are the body parts to be positive about despite years of being hidden or ‘battled’ according to the new body positive movements that are sweeping the Internet.

Of course, we’re all for any body positivity here at Wingz so we thought it would be great to fly a flag for feeling good about yourself and talk about some of the social media campaigns in a bit more detail.

Summer is a time that a lot of us feel even more body conscious than normal. Let’s face it, most of the year we ca get away with hiding lumps, bumps and ‘flaws’ under baggy tops and jeans, but then it gets a bit warm under all those layers and we have to concede that the bingo wings and pasty legs need an airing.

To add insult to injury, if you’re blessed with the thunder thighs we mentioned earlier, you get the dreaded ‘chub rub’ to deal with as well. Deep joy.

Thunder thighs – a new anthem for 2017?

‘Chub rub, it’s hot, thighs gonna touch. Chub rub, it’s hot, but I’m not bothered.’

Embrace the chub and write a song about it – that’s what Miss Eaves has done!

An anthem for all thick thighed ladies, this video shows women of all ages enjoying shorts and tiny skirts without having to have a thigh gap! It’s great to see so many women looking completely unselfconscious and having an awesome time.

Miss Eaves told “Ever since I can remember, I have had a thick (curvy) body type and I wanted to make a celebratory song about thick thighs.

I want people to take away the message that they do not have to fit into anyone’s beauty standards to have a fun and happy life.”

Love your belly

Not to be left behind, the latest Instagram trend is to liberate more body parts to be positive about – and one that we’ve been trained to hide in the past – the VBO or ‘visible belly outline’. We all have one, even the slimmest, fittest women have a belly. So the SelfLoveClub on Instagram is rectifying this and with getting on for 26,500 followers it looks like a lot of people are agreeing that bellies need love too.

She says, “Cheers to embracing what we’ve been told not to wear because it doesn’t ‘flatter our body type.”

Well that’s an idea we can totally get behind. Love your belly!


There’s a new hashtag in town, started by Curvy Kate, the D-to-K cup lingerie brand. The idea behind the hashtag is that you wouldn’t say mean things to your best friend about their body or appearance, so why would you do it to yourself?

The brand says on its website:

Many women look in the mirror and speak to themselves in such a way that makes them feel worse about who they are rather than better. We think enough is enough.”

Too Right.