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There’s no getting away from it – colour and bold patterns are going to be everywhere this autumn, and there’s going to be a full scale sixties revival on the high street by the end of 2014 if our esteemed fashion media has anything to do with it.
According to the fashion editor at Vogue, Francesca Burns, who you’d expect to know about these things, “There’s nothing quiet about this winter”

Ooer. Not a great time for shrinking violets then. Even sportswear is likely to feel the influence of a pattern or a swirl, and vibrant colours replace muted pastels in the wardrobes of fashionistas everywhere.

Matchy matchy isn’t something that we’re all signing up for either – while many of us might prefer to team a bright, signature top with some safe black leggings or jeans, that’s not how those in the know are recommending we follow the trend. Karl Lagerfeld went where mere mortals dare not go without checking in the mirror at least three times and went ahead with teaming stripes and swirls on the Chanel catwalk (see image above) while Phillip Lim mixed checks with graphic motifs to make you look – and think – twice.

So, how do you inject a bit of colour into an outfit, zing it up with some sixties style and pattern and still manage to look as if you did it deliberately? Well, you could try matching a pair of bright and bold Green Fleurs Brilliantes Wingz with a sleeveless dress?

You could play this either way – start safe with Wingz and a dress that’s quite neutral – we love this sleeveless skater dress from Yours Clothing (£18) which would set the aqua in the Wingz off perfectly. You could also team them with a plain black dress for a splash of colour.

If you want to ramp it up a bit, how about clashing your Wingz with a top and matching with plain black leggings or jeans? You could go with this cami top from Very (in the sale at £12) and confuse people with the clash of patterns?

It’s up to you how far you want to go with the sixties trend – if you have the Fleures Brilliantes Wingz, let us know how you wear them and what you team them up with and you could win another pair of Wingz!

Oh, and if you post a picture of yourself in ANY pair of Wingz on our Twitter or Facebook feeds, you get a 50% discount on a new pair. Does that sound good to you? Selfies at the ready….