girls night out burkini short skirt


We’re not political at Wingz – we have our views but we do like to restrict those to fashion rules or the latest celebrity fashion looks. It hasn’t escaped our notice, however, that our fashion choices have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently.

We’re all used to hearing the media sniping about what women are wearing. Too fat for revealing clothes? Too old for the latest trends and styles? It’s hard to avoid being judged on the fashion choices we make. In most cases we just shrug our shoulders and carry on wearing whatever the hell we like anyway.

It’s hard to believe, after decades of being slated for:

  • wearing short skirts (inviting rape)
  • wearing low cut tops
  • exposing too much flesh
  • showing the merest hint of nipple

that women are now being forced to take their clothes off in public.

Burkini removal by force

We were appalled to read that  a woman was forced to remove some of her clothes by force when she was minding her own business on a beach in Nice. This isn’t a political rant, and we have zero interest in the woman’s religious beliefs. What upsets us is that it was seen to be acceptable to tell a woman what she can and can’t wear, and force her to take the clothes off that she feels comfortable in.

Burkinis are apparently banned on beaches in Nice. Why? Nigella Lawson was spotted in one a year or two ago, and nobody made a fuss except a few miserable tabloid hacks, so why should the fashion choices of an anonymous lady enjoying the sunshine be policed in any way whatsoever?

After years of being told to cover up, not wear revealing clothes because it gives ‘the wrong impression’ or we don’t have the figure for it, now there’s an edict telling woman that they aren’t allowed to cover their flesh ether. Would the woman in question have been told to remove a  wet suit if she was snorkelling or diving? We very much doubt it. We know it’s a cultural/religious thing and the authorities are making a point.

Why is it just women?

Why is it always women who are scrutinised over their clothes though? Where are the police making men cover up their sunburned bellies, or remove their jeans on the beach and swap them for skimpy speedos? How ridiculous would that be?

Perhaps priests shouldn’t be able to wear dresses?

When will women just be left alone to wear whatever they please, and not judged on it?

What do you think?