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Halloween – depending on your outlook, it’s either a time of year you look forward to with glee, planning Halloween costumes months ahead and proudly turning up on the day in something absolutely awesome that people will still be talking about next year…

…Or maybe you’re like most of us, trying to find the time to organise the kids, the job or both, fit everything in and still come up with something that makes it look as if you’ve actually thought about it for more than ten minutes the night before.

If you’re finding yourself spending way too much time on Instagram and Google trying to find Halloween costumes that won’t take a degree in art and design to create, or a budget that’s out of your range, we have a few daft ideas that you can put together quickly and which you can upscale if you have the time and patience.

The Mummy Halloween Costume

Fed up with all the ‘Sexy Witch’ type Halloween costumes?  If you want to buck the trend, go for the Mummy. All you have to do to create the Mummy look is wear something white and either tear up some old white sheets or bandages and wrap them around you, or if you’re really into being a cheapskate this year, you can achieve a similar effect with toilet roll, you just have to be a bit more careful while you’re wearing it!

You can make your Mummy costume more gruesome and authentic if you choose the bandage/sheet option by soaking some of the strips in weak tea to make them look dirty and adding splotches of ketchup . Obviously, this won’t work so well with loo roll…

Bat Halloween Costumes

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Easy to do and instantly recognisable, a bat is a great outfit that can be put together really quickly Pop on a black dress with sleeves, some black leggings or tights and either buy some cheap bat ears from a costume shop, or make your own out of felt.

Get hold of a black bin bag or an old black umbrella for the bat wings.  You can either rip the old umbrella up, make six small holes in the fabric (three on each arm) and tie your wings on over sleeves with black ribbon – or cut holes in your bin bag, and do the same. Full Length Black Stretch Wingz would be ideal with this outfit as they are close fitting and the full length Wingz cover the entire arm. Then just put on some black eyeliner and colour your nose in black.

Wednesday Addams

You’ll have to be good at staying poker faced and talking about grim things, and it works best if you have long hair. but if you can manage that after a few party drinks, Wednesday is your girl. You’ll need to wear a long black dress with long sleeves (add Wingz if you haven’t got a long sleeved dress) and a white collar (you can either buy one or make one if the dress doesn’t come with it.)

Plait your hair, or if you have a wig, pop that on.  Dust your face with lots of white and prepare to scowl at everyone.

The Error Code

This isn’t strictly Halloween but it’s funny and might be worth a try. All you need for this one if to get a cheap white tee and write those fatal words;  “Error 404 — Costume Not Found”.

Have a great Halloween from all of us at Wingz!