Three young women toasting with champagne

If you’re anything like me, it can feel as if you’re on show at Christmas time. With different events, parties and social groups, family get togethers and more, can your wardrobe manage the festive season? Here’s a Wingz guide to Christmas and New Year celebrations that will help you stay calm and cool when all around you are losing their heads over recycled outfits and wine stains on their party frocks…

When you find that perfect occasion dress, it will be your fashion saviour for as many parties as possible – if you invest in a style that can be dressed up and down, accessorised and made to look like it’s not just one outfit. If you need to find a dress that takes you from the office to out on the town, layering is your friend – grab a pair of sexy lace Wingz to pop on under a sleeveless work dress and add some sparkly jewellery for a party look that won’t need too much advance prep.

Classy Cover Ups

It might not be very cold right now but you never know when the season will become more, well, seasonal. If we get a sudden cold spell ready for the New Year, you’ll need a coat.  Your everyday work coat just won’t do for a posh night out, so while a coat is unavoidable, try making it part of your ensemble rather than a mis-matched cover all. Vamp up your plain coat with a contrasting statement belt, or make your outerwear work overtime by switching to a stylish faux fur jacket (very 2015/16). Make an entrance!

Do Something Unexpected!

Fashion writers always advise accessorising with bright necklaces and all that jazz, but when everyone is doing that, why not shake things up by adding a hat? In winter? Or if you’re wearing a collared dress/top tie a velvet ribbon or thick coloured sating bow around the collar instead of a choker? Or add a brightly coloured pair of Wingz to a sleeveless top and make people wonder whether it’s part of the outfit…

Ignore advice from Trinny Woodall

Yes, What Not to Wear was essential viewing in 2003 but not the Trinny & Susannah approach has dates as much as diamante thongs and low-rise jeans – individuality and a DIY approach to dressing up for a night out are on-trend. So if you want to show your cleavage (because it’s fabulous) or dress younger than your age, DO IT. Life is also too short to match your tights to your dress. Wear whatever you please and work that look. Anyone who’s still judging you for it months later, as per this article, probably needs to get out more…

Don’t let killer heels kill your feet

You have two choices with party shoes if you don’t want to end the evening hobbling like a little old lady or walking home in bare feet with your stilettos in your hand. You can go for the less ‘killer’ option and exchange skyscraper skinny heels for medium heel or block heels with a platform for support – still quite funky but less painful; or take a chance on the stilettos, sit down as much as possible and pop some Party Feet Gel Cushions in before you leave the house to give your soles some relief!

Whatever you’re doing over Christmas and New Year, we wish you a happy time, and a wonderful 2016!