It’s that Christmas time of the year again and we’re getting festive at Wingz HQ.

To stir up a little festive cheer along wth the mince pies and pudding, we’ve decided that its time we all get out out Christmas jumpers. Or rather, YOU get out your jumpers. We want to see the best, worst, tackiest, glitteriest and even the most stylish Christmas attire you can possibly share with us, and we want it posted to our Facebook page so that we get to see it.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a giveaway, so we’re obviously offering you all an incentive to post for us and send in your seasonal selfies. Yes, we’re giving away two sets of Wingz (value £20 or less) to the people we think look the most awesome in their Yuletide woollies.

Christmas jumpers

What if you’re not a jumper person? What if you have a fabulous glitter ball of a Christmas top that you bring out every year, but it isn’t technically a wooly pully? Never fear; we want to see your Christmas tops too, so get them out of the wardrobe, stick on your cheesiest grin and upload your pics to us at Wingz.

If you have a particularly adorable photo of a friend, a little one or a family member in a fine specimen of a festive jumper, as long as they are happy for us to share it, send it to us. We are definitely looking forward to seeing your group shots and family photos, because let’s face it, the Xmas jumper tradition is just one of those daft traditions that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

As well as our festive competition, we also have some fun collaborations we can share with you – we worked with some amazing bloggers this year and we wanted to say thank you to a few of them with a Christmas offer or two. So if you follow Lynne at Almost Midlife and Looking for a Crisis. or if you’re a fan of Gothic and Enchanted why not pop over and see what we’re offering?

Wingz are the perfect choice for a Christmas stocking filler so check out the shop and see what’s on offer this festive season…