christmas day fashion wingz

Yay, it’s almost Christmas day – have you got your outfits planned yet? Christmas day fashion is more than just a terrible jumper, and Wingz can help coordinate your look.

We know what lovely Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings will be wearing, because she told us, and her followers this week:

Wingz come in lots of different sizes and shapes. From nude to black, and even bright colourful fabric and lace! I decided to order a black sleeve set and a black 3/4 length lace set. Both of which are perfect for the festive season. I always dress up on Christmas Eve, but the majority of my dresses have short sleeves, and wearing a big bulky jacket or cardigan really changes the outfit – so Wingz will be ideal for this situation! I absolutely love the look of the lace pair, and I can’t wait to wear them again on Christmas Eve.

It’s been an odd year, hasn’t it? But Christmas is a time to get festive and enjoy all the good stuff – family, friends, food, fizz – and fashion!

What to wear on Christmas day – razzle dazzle

It’s tempting to get carried away with sequins but with many of us tightening our belts (well, once we’ve loosened them for Christmas dinner, that is) perhaps spending lots of cash on something we’ll only wear once is a bit over the top?

Christmas day fashion – practical but stylish

There are other practicalities too; if you’re visiting older relatives and you know that they always have the heating on so high that you can hardly breathe, an ironic Christmas jumper is a bad move. However, if you think they might be scrimping on the central heating and you arrive to be greeted with an Arctic blast, pop a set of Wingz in your handbag to avoid goose bumps.

Don’t even consider wearing skin tight jeans or body con dresses for Christmas dinner. You’ll look fantastic on the pre-dinner photos but by the time you’ve got to the turkey you’ll be praying that someone cuts you out of your dress and lets you change into a onesie. Don’t wear an expensive cashmere jumper or beautiful designer top in a pale colour either. If you don’t spill gravy down it, someone else will. Or worse, mulled wine. Ouch!

Remember Christmas Day traditions…

Does your family or friends group have a post-Christmas walking tradition? If this is something you can’t get out of, even using impractical footwear as an excuse “Here’ Aunty Eileen’s walking boots are your size, she only wore them a few times before she passed away,”  just remember to ALWAYS be prepared. Take some warm socks and a pair of trainers or boots, depending where you’re all hiking off to, and if you can steer the walking party into a nearby pub before things get too muddy, all the better.

Whatever you wear on Christmas Day, we hope you have a wonderful festive season. Merry Christmas and a very happy 2018 from everyone at Wingz!