cold weather chic

It’s getting to the point where the weather is dictating our fashion choices and cold weather chic is an actual thing.

Being cold, wet and grumpy isn’t good for your style, and goose bumps never look on trend so we suggest that you carry a set of Wingz with you. The worst thing about winter in the UK is the tricky juxtaposition between a cold morning, and the heat on trains, buses and in offices. If you’re blessed with an office manager that likes to set the thermostat to stun, but then have to walk home in the icy cold, pop a set of Wingz on before you leave and cover up your cold skin for the trek home after work.

Layering is key to cold weather chic

Layering is definitely the trick to staying warm in the winter without having to overdo bulky layers. Stacey from Get Lashed said;

“What’s so great about these is that they fit under the bust and in line with your bra at the back, so you can wear them under a low-cut top without that double neckline of a normal second layer. You also don’t add all the bulk of an extra layer so they are perfect at this time of year when the weather is so unpredictable! I also love that they can change lots of my current clothes into a whole new look!”

Layering is definitely the way to go on a day out – with Christmas shopping on the horizon you just know it’s going to be a long trip. Cover up in cosy coats and ponchos you can remove as soon as you stop for a Christmas coffee and need to take something off once the heating hits you. Sweating in a double thick jumper and coat is not great even if the Christmas coffee menu is tempting. And coffee shops (especially the big chains) are always heated up to the point of needing to strip off.

If you’re wearing Wingz, you can pop a set of stretch black Wingz on under a short sleeved or sleeveless top so that while you’re out and about you get to keep the warmth close to your skin. That way you can also wear a shorter sleeved top and you don’t have to chunk it up in a thick woolly jumper.

Charli from Curvy Girl Thin agrees with Wingz in the winter. Back in February she said;

“Wingz are a great, sleek, and sophisticated alternative to those usual cover ups of a cardigan or a shrug.   I’m not normally shy of showing my body (surprise, surprise) but sometimes I really want to cover up a little, whether it be for added warmth (far too many times have I been sat wrapped in a chunky shawl in a restaurant thanks to a draft draw or over-zealous air con) or simply because the occasion calls for covering up (religious festivals, stodgy family affairs – you get the gist) they really are great.”

Charli curvy girl thin

If you want to experience the wonder of Wingz, wrap up warm and enjoy some cold weather chic!

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