wings covering up in fashion

Fashion always seems to reflect the mood of the public, and never more has style reflected the way we’re feeling than in 2017. We’re all covering up.

Maybe we’re just sick to the back teeth of being reduced to a collection of perma-tanned body parts, or maybe we’re making a statement about not wanting politicians like Donald Trump ANYWHERE NEAR any part of our anatomy he might think it’s OK to grab, but the catwalks have become a no-show zone of late and so have the awards ceremonies.

Cast your mind back to the prestigious Fashion Icon Awards in 2014. Rihanna picked up her award wearing practically nothing; a sheer rhinestone-sprinkled dress that left us in no doubt as to whether she was wearing anything underneath. She looked awesome, of course. Beyonce’s Met Gala 2015 dress was just as jaw-dropping. By the end of 2016 Rihanna was covering up for another award ceremony (The Shoe of the Year) in a long black velvet skirt, gloves and a long blouse with sleeves. No more Rihanna on view, this look was ‘hands off!’

Meanwhile by 2016 Bey had toned down in a much more modest number – even though it was in nude latex.

The defining look for the decade?

The fashion look that defines a decade doesn’t usually start to form until at least half way through, and whereas the defining look of the noughties is quite possibly ‘less is more’ in the same way as we think if the nineties as All Saints combats and vest tops from 1997 and the eighties were all about late-decade power suits, the teens (is that what we’re calling them) seem to have reacted against the acres of female flesh that’s judged daily by low-rate newspapers and decided to cover themselves up instead!

Covering up our arms too

Catwalks are dominated by sleeves this season – long, short, floaty, lace, bell, trumpet and downright unusual.  Suits are making a comeback and so are long skirts – the mini has had its day for a while, it’s all about long and midi, maxi dresses and elegant chic that sometimes hints at the body underneath but doesn’t put everything out there on show.

Strapless mini dresses are out and evening dresses with sleeves and high necks are in. Blouses are everywhere – I’ve even seen pussy bows and a pastel ruffle blouse in H&M – how’s that for a bit of Princess Di retro?

Covering up without looking frumpy

How do you work this new modesty without making yourself look like a frump, though?

  1. Make sure your clothes fit perfectly – badly fitting clothes will always look a bit frumpy.
  2. Get it right for your height – a longline blouse may look fabulous on a 5 ft 11 model but if you’re 5 ft nothing you’ll look like a little girl wearing your mum’s shirt.
  3. Get your sleeves spot on. If you haven’t worn sleeves for a while, the array of different styles available at the moment might be a bit confusing! Some women like a looser sleeve, others a close-fitting style. Why not get both? Treat yourself to some Wingz and experiment with your sleeveless tops and dresses.
  4. Remember that you don’t HAVE to follow the trend if it’s not for you. Some people don’t suit high neck blouses (or just plain hate them) and that’s fine. Fashion isn’t a set of rules, it’s a set of ideas.

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