Sandals by tiverylucky

Are you getting impatient for summer? It seems so tantalisingly close when the sun is out and the blossom is on the trees, but then it’s so disappointing when you venture out without a coat and with bare legs only to shiver until you get home.

So, how can you adapt an early spring wardrobe to make it feel a little bit more like summer – but without the goose bumps?

One style trend that can help ease you into warmer weather gently is the retro-style duster coat that’s made a very strong comeback this season. No longer the preserve of eighties mullet-wearing guitarists, the duster coat has well and truly come of age and has been adapted by fashion icons like MaxMara and Miu Miu for 2015.
Add a duster coat to an outfit – pop it on over a lighter top and jeans, or over a dress if you want to make it into occasion wear.

You can follow on the length trend by wearing skirts longer for now; until the sun really comes out and you want to show off your legs. Step one is to brave the weather without the tights, underneath a flowing skirt or dress – then gradually raise that hemline as the temperature rises.

There are plenty of gorgeous longline skirts around at the moment, and to add a spring touch you can opt for a pretty floral design that gives your outfit a bit of girlishness.

Sleeves are an issue at this time of the year – do you dare wear a short sleeved top yet? Or do you really, really want to but at the same time you just know you’ll end up covering the gorgeous little top you picked up with a dull jacket as soon as the sun goes in? You don’t have to cover up a cute top with an ugly cardi or a jacket – invest in some Wingz for the best of both worlds. Contrasting colours brighten up the look or you could play it safe and add a matching pair. Why not go for a pretty lace or chiffon sleeve – the great thing is that if it does drastically warm up you can take the sleeves away and leave the top as it is – and Wingz are handy enough to pop into a handbag so you don’t have to carry them around with you all day.


Once you’ve got the clothes sorted, you can think about your feet! Paint your nails a spring colour, and brave the world of sandals as soon as you dare. You can do sandals-lite by mixing them with cropped trousers and long skirts, kind of dipping a perfectly-painted toe into the sunshine without fully committing to bare legs and feet…

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