Well, you’ve got to love Wingz, haven’t you? Mine quite literally saved the day when I went for an interview for a job I really wanted this week.

The weather in the week or so leading up to the interview had been scorching, so I treated myself to a lovely little pinafore dress, tailored but still quite playful. I thought as the job was a creative one, I’d team it with bright accessories and as the weather was really warm I could wear it bare-armed.

The morning of the interview dawned, and brought with it rain. Not just showers, or drizzle, but proper horizontal style no two ways about it, I’m going to get soaked rain. This made my plan a little difficult. Bare arms and legs in driving rain and dropped temperatures was not going to be a good look.

The only thing I could do was reach for my trusty Wingz. I got my black half sleeved Wingz on with the dress and it looked great, I didn’t feel bulked up or hot and the fabric didn’t bunch up under the tailored dress. Result! I also had to scramble my tights drawer for a pair to go with the dress and I couldn’t find any except brown. Damn! So I got the brown tights on and prayed nobody would notice the ever so slight style faux pas there. My top half was looking good! I made a mental note to invest in some more tights when I got back…I tend to wear dresses with leggings and it wasn’t really appropriate for an interview.

The interview wasn’t exactly a success. I picked up the broken umbrella as I left the house, then the train was cancelled, and when I got there I had a wet patch on my bum, and a distinctly underwhelmed feeling about the job. I didn’t get it, and I wasn’t that disappointed, but at least I know that if I need a last minute wardrobe saviour in the future, I can always rely on my Wingz!

Did you know that if you share a picture of yourself in your Wingz on Facebook, you can get a 50% one-off discount on your next order? If that’s not a great reason for a gratuitous selfie, I don’t know what is…