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It was International Modest Fashion Week last month, and it seems that Wingz blogging about modest fashion and talking about the event has opened up a can of worms.

We were hoping to have some opinion from bloggers who were frustrated by the use of the term ‘modest’ in our social media and blogs a couple of weeks ago, we’re expecting a guest post from a blogger we’ve worked with in the past who has very strong feelings about the term. But the gist of it was that the term ‘modest’ shouldn’t be used to shame women, no matter what their size, into thinking that they have to cover themselves up to be acceptable.

We totally agree with that, of course. Wingz are a fashion accessory, something that we like to think are loved by our customers for their convenience, the way they add something a bit different to a sleeveless outfit and make it possible to wear summer clothes in winter (or in a very cold June if you’re in the south of the UK right now!)

They’re also helpful if you do want to cover your arms for any reason. Plus size ladies who don’t have the body confidence that they’d like can use them to cover their arms to give them a bit of confidence – if that’s what they want to do. And women who prefer to cover their arms because it’s part of their religion or belief system buy Wingz for the same reason as anyone else, really, the lack of fashionable tops and dresses with sleeves.

Wingz Fashion – Body Positive

The Wingz brand is body-positive and inclusive, and we’re always trying to push body confidence at all sizes. We love things like #WeAreTheThey that celebrate the diversity in women’s bodies, and we work with bloggers of all shapes and sizes to show that Wingz are something that any woman can wear, just for fun, fashion or any other reason she fancies.

As for International Modest Fashion Week, it took place in Istanbul and featured 70 designers over two days. It was organised by Muslim fashion retailers Modanisa, and taps into the global trend for ‘modest’ fashion – worldwide spending on Muslim clothing has been predicted to grow to $327bn by 2020. It’s a big market.

If Wingz are going to be truly inclusive, then accepting that our fashion sleeves have a place in modest fashion is part of that. We’re not suggesting that anyone who doesn’t feel the need to cover their arms should have to. We’re just producing a fashionable accessory that gives them that option if they choose to.

We’re definitely open to hearing your thoughts on this, though. And as an aside – some of the fashion at International Modest Fashion Week was stunning. If you’re interested, you can see some of the designs here: Modest Fashion Week Instagram

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