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Some days, staying warm takes precedence over looking cool, and when it’s icy and cold, there’s no point in sashaying along pretending that you don’t feel the cold like the rest of us. But there’s no reason that being freezing has to make you look frumpy.

Core Heat

Keeping your core warm helps when it’s bitterly cold outside, so concentrate most of your layers around there.

Layering is definitely the trick to staying warm and cosy when the weather is demanding. Don’t be afraid to really layer it up – go for warm and cosy coats, puffer vests, and ponchos which are also dead easy to take off when you get into a coffee shop and the heating is on full blast. There’s nothing worse than roasting in a double thick jumper and knowing all you have on underneath it is your bra.

Wingz and Arms

Under your cardi, tank top or jumper, you could opt for a long-sleeved tee or fitted jumper, or even a pair of full length stretch Wingz which will keep the warmth close to your skin. That way you can also wear a shorter sleeved top, which keeps your body warm but doesn’t swamp your arms with floppy woolly sleeves (don’t you just hate dipping them in your tea?)

If you are prone to cold legs, the fashionistas tip is to layer up with fleecy tights underneath leggings or skinny jeans; again, the layers trap the warm air and keep you toasty. This tip is great for days out and long walks but not so good if you only have to get on a train to the office – you’ll feel lovely and warm while you’re standing on the station but as soon as you get to your desk you’ll be desperate to take them off!

On your feet

The one area where you might have to let your fashion credentials slip is footwear. Ice and snow are not weather conditions well suited for showcasing your latest stiletto boots, you need to go for sturdy boots that will keep your toes warm and stop you from breaking bones on the slippery bits.

You can always keep a pair of old shoes in the office to change into when you get to work, if you have to wear wellies on the commute. Or dress it up with a pair of long boots – don’t wear sexy leather knee highs when there’s ice about though, they probably won’t have much grip. When it’s just cold, the leather acts as an extra layer so should keep your tootsies toasty.

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