kate moss wingz style

Kate Moss is a truly British supermodel – an icon who is never far from the catwalks, or indeed the news. It’s no surprise that she’s popped up with a cameo in the Ab Fab movie which is due to hit screens in the UK in July. We can’t wait!

Over the years, Kate has single-handedly revived sales of skinny jeans, made Ugg boots socially and fashionably acceptable and brought back the leopard-print coat, but if you thought that mere mortals without Kate’s enviable cheekbones and clear genetic advantage couldn’t benefit from some of her style ideas, you’d be wrong.

Here’s a few ways to steal Kate’s style…

Dress up a plain outfit with animal print

Kate loves leopard print and animal print is everywhere this season. If you don’t think you can quite carry off the leopard print coat, try a scarf or a pair of animal print Wingz to lift your look.

As seen on dragons den










Balance a mini skirt with sleeves

It’s the supermodel version of showing legs or cleavage – Kate doesn’t really go for Rihanna style showing-it-all. Of course, she is in her forties now and while she could probably get away with flaunting her body, she chooses to be a bit classier. If she’s going to bare her legs in a short dress, she’ll often wear long sleeves with it so that she doesn’t overdo it.

Bare shoulders

Cut out shoulders are a thing this spring – of course Kate’s been doing it for years. Cleavage and legs stay under wraps while a shoulder-baring top or dress shows off a bit of skin instead. This could, of course, be due to advice from Donna Karan, who said, “The only place you never gain weight is your shoulders.”

Just add a scarf


If that outfit looks a bit, well, ordinary, do as Kate does and add a scarf. OK, hers is probably Hermes and ours probably isn’t but even an inexpensive scarf can give your look a bit of a revamp.

Mix up the textures


Black Lace Wingz










Kate does seem to be a fan of black, and while she wears it well, she knows that it can sometimes be a bit samey. Do as our favourite fashion icon does (even in the Ab Fab trailer) and add a bit of texture to a plain black outfit. Kate’s a fan of adding velvet accents or even a bit of fake fur to her all-black ensembles, or why not add some black lace sleeves or some floaty chiffon Wingz to a plain black top to give your look an instant edge?

We’ll just have to wait until later in the year for the film…but for now, here’s a sneaky peek “You KILLED Kate Moss!”…




photo credit: Kate Moss via photopin (license)