easter fashion

It’s Easter and we should be thinking about walks in the park, sunshine and daffodils, but instead we’ve had  scary weather forecasts about anther Beast from the East (please think up a new name for cold weather as this one is getting very dull.) Easter fashion is going to be complicated!

So what do we wear when the weather is looking dubious but we really want to make a bit of an effort for weekend outings and family get togethers? The answer, of course, is to be prepared for every eventuality this Easter, with fashion accessories for all weathers.

Wingz Easter fashion review

We know you’re just dying to get that top out from the back of the wardrobe and give it an airing, but with the winds coming in from the east and a cold snap threatening to cause goose bumps to all exposed areas, it’s probably not a great idea to go out bare armed just yet. You could do what the lovely Kim Brockington did and liberate an old favourite with the help of some sleek black Wingz?

Kim said:

This was a top I have had for a while now but due to my bingo wings I had relegated it to my ‘Maybe’ section of the wardrobe. Wingz has changed all that!”

You can read the rest of her review here; we think she might be a convert!

We think that Kim looks lovely in her top and it would be a shame to leave it in the ‘not to be worn’ pile just because of bingo wings or rubbish weather.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be going away somewhere warmer this Easter, you won’t have that problem. But even in some of the warmer European climates, there can still be a marked drop in temperature as the sun goes down. Avoid chilly arms by making sure that you pack a couple of pairs of Wingz in your suitcase. They are so easy to pack you can probably get away with hand luggage if you’re flying budget airlines and don’t want to pay over the odds for extra hold luggage.

Just slip on a set of pretty lace Wingz to liven up an evening outfit and make it a bit more glamorous for dinner in a nice restaurant or perhaps a few Bellinis in a hotel bar. They keep the night time chill off and make it really simple to turn a daytime outfit into an evening one, with just a set of sleeves for dresses.

Do you have a favourite Easter fashion tip, or an idea for dressing an outfit up with Wingz? We’d love to hear it. Have an awesome Easter weekend whatever you’re doing!