Wingz Easter treats

If it feels like you’re being deluged with adverts for Easter treats, chocolate eggs and sugar-laden goodies, don’t worry, we’re about to make you a fantastic Easter offer that you won’t be able to refuse if you’re a fashion conscious Wingz lover. Which you are, right?

We’ve decided that instead of offering you a basket of goodies that will just give you a sugar hangover, we’re going to give you something a lot more long-lasting and that’s Wingz at 20% off ALL weekend. Yes, you heard us, we’re offering you a lovely juicy 20 per cent off until Easter Monday – who needs chocolate eggs anyway?

Luscious Lace Wingz


It’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself to some Wingz – our gorgeous lace Wingz are perfect for spring days out, and they go with just about everything. Dig out that sleeveless tunic from the wardrobe, give it a sniff to make sure that it’s clean and pop it on over a set of Wingz and you’re good to go for all your Easter weekend exploits.

Pretty chiffon Easter treats

If you’re into the latest catwalk trends, you’ll know that voluminous sleeves and designer sleeves for dresses are the way forward. we’ve been championing floaty chiffon sleeves at Wingz for a long time now and you’ll find a gorgeous selection of them suitable for every occasion right here. Animal print, brightly coloured, flared and mega volume, we’ve got loads to choose from!

And did we mention that there’s 20% off all weekend? I think we did.

Plain and simple Wingz

black stretch wingz easter treats

If plain and simple is more your thing, why not stock up on black or white Wingz, in straight forward stretch viscose? They look really smart and stylish under summery tops and can look as if they are part of the original outfit, giving you a little bit of extra warmth when the April evenings start to turn a little chilly, or if you just feel more confident with a bit of arm coverage.

So we hope you enjoy your Easter weekend, that the weather is fabulous (and if you don’t celebrate Easter, we still hope you have a fantastic weekend). Go on, spoil yourself and make the most of your egg-stra special Easter treats on us…

For your 20% off just use code EASTEREGG20 at the checkout…