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We get asked lots of questions on Twitter and Facebook, so we thought we’d answer a selection of them here for you on our blog. We’re always happy to answer your Wingz questions, so please get in touch with anything you want to know and our Social Media manager, Sarah, will reply as soon as she can…

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Are Wingz just for plus size women?

Absolutely not! Wingz are really popular with plus size bloggers, and women who want to cover their arms for whatever reason (modesty, covering up tattoos for an interview, keeping the sun off). They’re available in UK sizes 6-28 and a range of designs from stretchy to floaty chiffon, so they suit women of any size and shape.

What’s the difference between the ‘tall’ fit and standard fit Wingz?

Funny you should ask; very little, actually. We’ve actually discontinued the tall fit as the main difference was a longer length sleeve and most of our customers find that the standard fit is perfectly OK, even if they are tall.

“I’ve found the perfect dress, but I need to know how far Wingz go up at the back as I don’t want them to show while I’m wearing it.”

Wingz are designed to work with your normal clothes, and the band goes around under your bra, out of sight. You can wear them with tops and dresses that scoop or come down low at the back, in fact anything that you would normally wear without showing your bra band should be fine to wear with your Wingz. Here’s an image to give you an idea…

Wingz fashion arm coverage fitting


I can’t seem to get my Wingz to sit right – what’s the problem?

You would be surprised at how many women are putting their Wingz on upside down or the wrong way round! The first thing we’d ask you to check is that you’re definitely putting them on the right way round.

If you are, and they still ride up or don’t seem to fit, we have a handy video that should help you with correct fitting. They are a one-off item, so it can be a bit tricky to work out how to fit them. Once you’ve worked it out, they should fit so well that you don’t even know you’re wearing them.

Some women find that sizing up helps with the stretchier Wingz, if they have larger arms, too. Wingz are designed to be really stretchy, but we’re all made differently.

Are you going to be selling any Wingz in a larger size?

We don’t have plans to size up at the moment – we haven’t had much demand for bigger sizes. If we do, we may rethink that, but Wingz sizing is generous and if the stretch Wingz aren’t quite big enough, you might find the cowl fit or chiffon flare Wing are perfect for you. If you try Wingz and they aren’t suitable, you can return them within 14 days for a full refund (unworn, with labels).

We have a form to complete for refunds on the website.

Do you do next day delivery? I need my Wingz in a hurry!

We do indeed! Just go to the delivery information page for our terms and conditions. We can only offer next day delivery if you ask us before 1pm the day before, and if you need your order in a hurry we can send it via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Just get in touch and we’ll make the arrangements for you.

Can I order Wingz from outside the UK?

Yes, we deliver all around the world. It takes a bit longer for delivery, obviously, but if you’re in Europe you should get your order within three to seven working days. Elsewhere it might take anything from six to 20 days, depending on where you are (and your own country’s postal system).

How can I get Wingz at a discount price?

If you’re looking for discount codes, the best thing to do is keep an eye on our Facebook Page. We often work with bloggers, and if they review Wingz, sometimes we also offer a reader discount code. Hurry, though, these are usually for a limited time only!

If you’re a blogger yourself, and you’d like to try Wingz, please contact us for more information.