Wingz fashion accessories

We know a thing or two about fashion accessories at Wingz – after all, it was Michelle, Wingz founder, who came up with the genius idea of creating removable sleeves for clothes that don’t have sleeves. Which, to be fair, is a LOT of clothes.

But there are still so many things we just wish someone would invent, and Michelle can’t do it all. So, if anybody out there has access to the means to create any of these much-needed fashion necessities, please do. Oh, and feel free to add your own to our list. The world needs more creative fashion problem solvers.

Tights that fit.

You’re all nodding in recognition here, aren’t you? I personally HATE tights and have been known to wear leggings under a dress to a job interview because they fit so much better and they are essentially the same thing without the fidget factor.

My argument is, if manufacturers can make leggings that don’t have stupid seams that dig into your upper thighs, stretch enough to cater for big thighs while not going baggy at the waist AND don’t fall down, how is it such a stretch of imagination to create really comfy tights that do the same job? And what sadist invented the GUSSET?

Tights with socks built in

The ultimate winter accessory to wear under your boots – once they’ve nailed the gusset issue they can come up with winter tights that you can wear under your boots to keep your toes warm.

More than just fashion accessories – bra straps that stay up

Anyone who has ever worn a bra will know the irritation that bra straps can cause. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, they slip down whether you have big boobs or very little cleavage to speak of. Unless you opt for thick boulder holder straps, anyone with large breasts is pretty much resigned to fidgeting with their straps all the time. And don’t get me started on the straps, usually on pretty bras, that twist as you are wearing them, so that they dig into your shoulder and irritate you all day long.

In the same area; why do manufacturers even bother with the hanging tags on tops and dresses? They just get in the way, appear from under your tops, look untidy and have no actual use. Mine always get snipped out.

Strapless bras that do what they say they do

Have any of you ever found a strapless bra that stays where it’s supposed to? Unless you only wear a bra for decoration, it’s almost impossible to find a strapless bra that defies gravity enough to be worn with any kind of confidence.

And while we’re on the subject of the bra – underwires that don’t escape would also be great!

Pre-worn in shoes

We all know the actual pain caused by getting to know a new pair of shoes. So why has nobody invented a way of wearing in new shoes that doesn’t lead to raw heels and walking like you’ve had an ‘accident’?

Button up tops that don’t gape

There must be a way to do this. If someone could invent a button through shirt that fits, without having to buy it two sizes too big so that it hangs like a tent – they’d sell out.

What really useful fashion accessories do YOU wish they would invent?