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Here at Wingz, we don’t like telling people that they shouldn’t wear anything. Other magazines do like to point out a good fashion fail, however, so we thought we’d have a look at some of the sage advice dished out by the glossies for summer fashionistas. We’d love to know whether you think they are talking from their perfectly toned (who are we kidding, we have it on very good authority that journalists eat rubbish most of the time, and especially on deadline week) bums.

Very skimpy separates – first fashion fail?


OK, so your mum told you not to show your legs and cleavage at the same time, and midriff probably counts too. If you are confident enough to flash your assets, however bountiful, we think you should ignore this piece of advice. Unless you’re picking the kids up from school, or seeing your accountant.

See through skirts and dresses

This probably comes under the same category as the skimpy separates. There’s a time and a place for seeing your pants through your dress. A big night out, or a red carpet event with Paparazzi in attendance…yeah, probably. Your boss won’t be impressed, and you probably wouldn’t get away with it at the local Gala Bingo either, but you never know.

Tiny Cutoffs

Why the hell not? If it’s hot, you’re on the beach and you want to get your legs out, just do it. There is no accepted length for shorts, just get those legs out and soak up any sunshine and vitamin D you can while the sun’s out.

Novelty Fascinators – are they a posh wedding fashion fail?

Hmm, we’re a bit torn on this one. We loved Beatrice & Eugenie’s odd choice of head gear at the Royal Wedding a few years ago, even if it was reminiscent of a couple of Teletubbies. Fascinators and hats are meant to be fun, they brighten up dull weddings and garden parties and it’s a way of expressing individuality that we really can’t bring ourselves to banish to Fashion Room 101.


Double Denim

Are people still doing that? This one is probably a no-go area. If you’re ever tempted to double up that denim, and this applies to winter too, think these two words, Status Quo. If that doesn’t work…Nickelback.


Tulle and Tutu

Aww, sorry but we disagree with that one too, we love tulle. Tulle is gorgeous, swishy and feminine and looks great at a party. Especially an 80s themed party. It’s not an office look and is a bit much for a football match, but we all wanted to be a ballerina when were were little, didn’t we?

All Over Animal Print

Tricky one…It can look a bit 1996 Scary Spice, or if you’re a busty blonde and remember Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch, a bit Corrie barmaid. But animal print is sexy! Possibly one of those trends where less is more?

So…what do you think? Are all of the above complete fashion no-nos, or do you think allowances should be made? Would you wear any of them yourself? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook…