So, what did you think to the parade of lovelies at the Emmys this year?

What were your favourite frocks and who do you think missed the boat completely? There were so  many gorgeous outfits to choose from, it’s hard to know where to get started but my own favourite of the night has to be the Christina Hendricks gown, but then I think the divine Miss H can do no wrong and she barely falls flat on her face, fashion wise.

I am slightly obsessed with Mad Men and so she was always going to be in with a shot of being my top fashion pick. The gown is from Marchesa and I just adore that colour, and the waist detail. I love the FatPhrocks dresses for similar reasons, they all have a little something, and several of them have gorgeous detail on the waistband that you rarely see on a plus size dress.

I also loved Kristen Wiig’s look, although it was very, very simple. Perhaps that’s why I liked it, the simple lines of her Vera Wang gown didn’t take anything away from her face, and she just seemed effortlessly beautiful in every picture I’ve seen of her in ‘The Gown’.

As for the losers – well, I wouldn’t like to add to the chorus of “What was she thinking?” that greeted Lena Dunham’s unusual outfit choice, suffice to say that it wouldn’t suit many people and I’m not sure it suited Lena.  Designed by Giambattista Valli, I’m not sure who could have pulled that creation off, but if she was happy, who am I to argue?

People have exclaimed loudly at seeing the usually flawless Gwen Stefani head to toe in silver lame and looking like she’s been at the Botox pot. Gwen, I love you and I always will, but perhaps this wasn’t your best look? She does seem to be channelling Donatella Versace, and she doesn’t really look like the delectable, kooky Gwen that I love. Maybe it was just a bad camera angle?

For the plus size stars, the battle for column inches was between the amazing Gabourey Sidibe and Melissa McCarthy. Gabourey always comes in for a pasting when it comes to bitchy award show commentators and I’m not going to be the one to add to that, so go, Gabi. The only thing I’ll say is that although the colour looks lovely, I’m just not feeling that draping. There just seems to be so much fabric that it swamps Gabi, and the dress wears her rather than the other way around…

Melissa McCarthy, on the other hand, looked so elegant in another Marchesa gown (seriously, Marchesa can dress a woman) and really rocked the look with a stunning hair style and big smile. I loved the black dress, another one with waist detailing that draws the eye to Melissa’s curvy waist.

All in all, the Emmy dresses were a mixed bag of elegance and attention-seeking. What did you think?