Hi Wingz Women, The Daily Mail and Marie Claire’s ‘Curvy Girl’ Alice Dogruyol has been answering women’s wardrobe dilemmas in the latest issue of Lighter Life, see what she thinks would make the perfect arm coverage minus the frump…

From ‘Lighter Life’ Magazine:

Q: I’m looking for a lightweight shrug or cardigan to
cover the tops of my arms. I want to be able to wear
it over smart dresses and for work – so nothing too bulky.

A: Everyone should have a shrug or bolero (2) in their wardrobe
for those days when you just don’t want your arms on show.
They’re like a comfort blanket and can often enhance an outfi t. Be
careful with cardigans – they can end up looking like frumpy sacks,
and if you’re ample bosomed, the buttons can pull when done up,
which is never a good look. Personally, I’d look for a casual fi tted
jacket or blazer (1) in a soft fabric instead – a little bit of tailoring goes
a long way and helps to create a sensual silhouette. I discovered
a clever garment recently called Wingz (wingzfashion.com) which
provides an alternative to a shrug (3). It covers up your arms without
adding extra bulk. Mary Portas has also added fabulous lace Armery
(4) to her collection, designed to sculpt and shape your arms.

Look out for Lighter Life Winter Issue Coming Soon!

Lighter Life Magazine