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If you want to be ahead of the fashion pack this spring and summer, the good news is that fashion accessories are super hot this season, and the more opulent and blingy, the better.

The bad news is that some of the trends are a little, shall we say, out there. And the even worse news is for anyone suffering from a feather allergy, as feather trims are absolutely everywhere – 2018 is bringing back marabou and channelling Big Bird with fluffy, frivolous feathers spring up quite literally everywhere.

In this Instagram driven fashion world, fashion accessories are a quick and easy way to upgrade your image. There are only so many pictures of food, holidays and you in new outfits that you can post without spending a fortune, so when you’ve run out of ideas, it’s got to be the new boots, handbag, or sunglasses that you share with the world.

We’ve seen them everywhere already, but don’t just take our word for it, just look around you. Big sunglasses are the stuff of 2015 and micro-sunnies are the way forward, and the only way to greet the sunshine we’ve been promised towards the end of the month (oh, please).

Bizarre and OTT fashion accessories we LOVE

More bizarre trends that may or may not be entirely practical include transparent bags – perfect for showing off your latest purchases but perhaps not such a good idea for mere mortals – it’s all very well showing off your Chanel lippy and Moschino iPhone case but when you’re carrying a Tupperware lunchbox, Tampax and Kleenex handy tissues it’s not quite so aspirational. Still, the transparent bag makes a statement and probably looks good on a night out.

Fashion has had enough of austerity-chic and is going for full on maximalism, which we can’t help but love. Saint Laurent kick started the trend quite literally with ostentatious feather trims on sandals and several pairs of knee-high boots that were so fluffy and OTT that they were nicknamed Yeti Boots by an impressed fashion media.

Maison Margiela added gold brocade to trench coats and stuck on white feathers just for the hell of it while Alberta Ferretti swapped their usual garish embellishments for glamorous gowns embossed with colourful tufts of you guessed what…feathers!

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Channelling Pat Butcher, dear departed lover of the massive earring, another hot trend is the ear chandelier. Don’t be afraid to load up your lobes with bling, the runways were full of it and the swingier the bling, the better, quite frankly.

Weird and wonderful…

One thing that might be a bit more difficult to get away with, fashion accessory-wise at the local nightclub is …orthodontic headgear. Yes, you read that right. At Gucci, Alessandro Michele showed crystal-embellished headgear that could only really be described as a diamante beard.

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There had to be one designer that took things too far, though. That’s if blinged up braces aren’t too far. Balenciaga took the much-maligned Croc and added…a platform.

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A 10cm platform. Wear with care…if you dare.

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