wingz reasons to be cheerful

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the UK, isn’t a happy place at the moment. Everyone’s a bit meh and it’s not been easy to be cheerful!

Everyone’s a politician, social media is full of woe and whatever way you voted last week, there are people telling you how wrong you are.


We thought we’d lighten the mood with a few reasons to be cheerful. We consider it our duty to full social media with cheerful posts and pretty things, and now is as good a time as any.


Reason #1


It’s Friday, and what’s more, it’s the beginning of the month so you’ve quite possibly just been paid! Treat yourself to something fun and uplifting with your hard-earned cash, just because you can. There are loads of sales on at the moment so it’s tempting to splurge on frivolous purchases. Do it, do it, do it!
Wingz sale items here


Reason #2


It’s Wimbledon fortnight, and another chance for Andy Murray to do the UK proud and win the tournament. Winning something always makes us feel good, and after the dismal performance from the overpaid team of schoolboys who play football for England, we think we deserve a little bit of national sporting pride back, don’t you? Iceland? Really?


What to wear for Wimbledon….Wingz blog


Reason #3


This absolutely amazing America’s Got Talent contestant. You click on a video like this normally and expect to be confronted with someone caterwauling and insisting they ‘can go all the way’ because they ‘really want this’ but just watch this guy take on a Sinatra classic and try not to well up just a little bit…

“How YOU doin’?”


Reason #4
Wearing brightly coloured clothes is a proven way to lift your mood, so even if it’s throwing down a monsoon outside and you’re feeling more like staying in bed, get yourself up, pick yourself out something bright and colourful to wear and take on the world. Or at least the bus stop. Even just adding brightly coloured accessories can zing up a dull outfit, so if all you can find is black vest tops and sleeveless work dresses, we dare you to add a bit of colour with a scarf, a belt, some funky shoes or even a set of gorgeous purple Wingz to contrast?
Purple Chiffon Flare Wingz

Reason #5
If you’re still in need of a pick me up, how about a trip to the cinema? Get the girls together, find the biggest bag of popcorn you can get, smuggle a bottle of Bolly in (OK, we didn’t tell you to do that, and perhaps prosecco is more like it) and settle in for the long-awaited Ab Fab movie which is in cinemas RIGHT NOW!

Are you feeling cheerful now?