When you’re working with a product that’s as versatile and original as Wingz, sometimes it can be a little difficult to explain the concept without pigeon-holing them. That’s one of the reasons we love to see reviews of Wingz on fashion blogs – it gives us a good insight into the different ways that people wear them, and what a fantastic, fashionable lot our fans are, because they’ve come up with so many stylish and creative ways to wear their Wingz. We like to share them over on the Facebook page to give you ideas and inspiration.

Just me Leah in Wingz


The down side is that some people can decide that Wingz are ‘not for them’ based on something they’ve read elsewhere, even when they have a pair of Wingz in front of them to try. That happened recently, when a blogger decided that because she didn’t have a problem with her arms, she couldn’t see the point of Wingz at all.

She is, naturally, entitled to her opinion, and we shared the review as we would have done if it had been as good as our usual reviews. But you know what – saying that Wingz are only for people who want to cover their arms because they have a problem with the way they look is just like saying “I don’t see the point of jumpers; I like my arms” or even “I can’t see the point of wearing jeans, I think I have great legs.”

Wingz are multi-functional, fashionable and so versatile that anybody can wear them. The top five reasons for loving your Wingz are;

1. They change the look of a sleeveless dress or top, giving you an inexpensive way to update your look, add something extra to a sleeveless party dress, smarten up a sleeveless top for an interview – you name it, there’s a pair of Wingz that will fit the bill.

2. They keep your arms warm! If you have a sleeveless top you really want to wear out, but it’s just a bit too chilly, accessorise with matching or contrasting Wingz and you can wear the outfit you love without getting goose bumps, or covering up all the detail with a bulky cardi. As for shrugs; well they look cute but does anyone know how to keep them on your shoulders without tying the coat hanger loop around your bra strap? No, neither do I, and even that’s a fiddly job.

3. They can be taken on holiday with you and stashed in your handbag for those times when you have to cover the tops of your arms – like when you’re visiting a religious building. For women who prefer to cover their arms for cultural or religious reasons, they are also useful, as it can sometimes be hard to find fashionable dresses with sleeves. Add your Wingz to the dress of your choice and you can combine fashion with modesty.

4. If you need to cover up tattoos for work, an interview or formal occasion, rather than a jacket or frumpy long sleeve blouse, you can wear half or ¾ length Wingz under a sleeveless top and add a formal touch.

5. Yes, of course they are fabulous for anyone who isn’t confident about their arms and feels happier when they are covered. This was the reason Michelle invented them, and many women LOVE Wingz for that reason. It’s a great reason to want to splash out on some Wingz….just not the only one!

Why do YOU love Wingz?