One of the best things about Wingz is that they are so endlessly versatile. Perfect tor all weather and adaptable to so many different outfits, they are the one addition to a wardrobe that you’ll never regret investing in!

Covering up chilly arms


Fashion Wingz


This time of year, Wingz are brilliant. That lovely strappy top doesn’t have to stay at the back of the wardrobe until June, you can dust it off right now and coordinate it with a set of Wingz so that you get to wear it all year round. The same applies to your pretty summer dresses too.

Here I am wearing an old favourite summery top with a set of Black Cowl Viscose Wingz underneath on a cool January evening out.

Glamming up a plain outfit

 Black dress and wingz


We all have a plain little black or grey dress that we love to bits but is, well, a bit dull. Brightening it up with a scarf, chunky jewellery or whatever the magazines suggest to add a bit of individuality and style is great, but why not change the look completely with a contrasting set of fabulously colourful Wingz instead? Adding bright red Wingz to this black dress gives it a completely new look and changes it from an everyday work outfit to something you could wear to a party or night out. Wingz are great for changing an outfit for a night out, you can take them with you to the office and just pop them on before you go out.

Covering your shoulders on a hot day!




We’ve all done it – gone out in the sunshine in a strappy top and ended up with red shoulders – especially that bit you can’t quite reach! Wingz are great for the beach, and hot days in general, because they keep your arms covered without overheating you. If you want to keep the midday sun off your arms, just pop on a set of Wingz, perhaps chiffon or the cool white viscose, and you’ll have a brilliant alternative that doesn’t restrict you or leave you feeling too hot.

Smartening up an interview outfit

white wingz under a dress


When you’ve got a big interview coming up and you want to look business like – but not too dull – you can use Wingz to give your interview top or smart dress an upgrade. If your interview dress is smart but sleeveless you might want to cover up your arms to look more formal, or perhaps you’ve got tattoos that you love but don’t want to display to a potential new boss just yet?

Just pop on your trusty Wingz under the outfit and breeze through your job interview with confidence.

Layering and texture

Wingz review

Georgina in her Wingz


Lace Wingz are ideal for adding a bit of texture to an outfit, and they look absolutely gorgeous – we have many fans of this particular style. We love what Blogger Georgina has done with the black lace stretch Wingz here, the dress she’s teamed them with is gorgeous but she’s given it a bit more of a boost with Wingz that have a completely different texture, and it works really well with this look.