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We all want to look good, don’t we? And if we can look fabulous  at the same time as saving ourselves money, that’s got to be a good thing.

Double your wardrobe value

It’s winter, right, and you have a wardrobe full of pretty little sleeveless and strappy dresses that are destined to stay hidden away until the spring sunshine dares to make an appearance; and even then it might be a bit chilly. You can gaze longingly at that gorgeous top you bought last year, or you can get it out, dust it off and add a pair of Wingz to it. A pretty pair of lace Wingz can really add some sass to a dainty, pretty top, and a pair of brightly coloured chiffon Wingz adds a little something to a plainer dress that nothing else can. And unlike a cardi, or a jacket, Wingz don’t cover up the very reason you bought the outfit in the first place!

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Get half price Wingz –  send us a selfie!

We’ve got a fun, active community on our Facebook page and we really love to see how our ladies wear their Wingz. To encourage you gorgeous lot to send in pictures of yourselves rocking your Wingz, we have a permanent offer – if you share a selfie to our Facebook page (or tweet it to us at @fashionwingz ) we’ll contact you with a special code just for you, a code that gives you an immediate 50% discount on your next order – so the more pairs you order, the more you can save! Lots of wonderful Wingz women have taken up the challenge and shared their slefies with us, we’re always looking for more.

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Review Wingz on your blog

We know that you’re just going to love Wingz as soon as you slip on your first set, which is why we offer a free pair of Wingz for bloggers who give us an honest review. We don’t pay you for the review, and we don’t ask you to give us anything other than a completely honest review, but if you have your own blog and social media following, and an eye for fashion, we’d love to add you to the list of gorgeous bloggers who’ve earned themselves free Wingz by telling the world how they got on with them.

If you vlog on YouTube we’re also really happy to gift you a set to tell your followers about. Just contact us for more information.

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Just a quick heads up – there will be an offer coming your way for Valentine’s Day – don’t miss it!

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