body confident woman


We all have days when we wake up feeling a bit meh, and even the most body confident among us knows exactly how that feels. There’s no rhyme or reason, it might be hormones or even the weather but whatever the reason our body confident selves just disappear, and we stare in the mirror willing it to show us someone younger, prettier, slimmer…

Stop it!

There’s no reason for feeling blue about your body, even with this year’s ‘bikini body’ nonsense just around the corner. Here are a few tips to make you feel fabulous again, even if you’ve just read a Daily Mail headline or seen a photo of Princess Kate looking better five hours after giving birth than you think you do after getting ready for a night out…

Get your favourite body confident outfit on

Any body can wear any style and rock it – but we all have clothes that fit us so well and suit us so perfectly that they just give us an extra layer of body confident ‘je ne sais quoi’ Not all trends are created equal, and so if you’ve been experimenting with a new look but you’re really not feeling it, just ditch it and go back to what you know you look fantastic in.

Dig out your old faithful dress, comfy as anything jeans and boots or whatever makes you feel like YOU and you’ll feel your confidence levels start to soar.

Brighten things up

It’s a simple trick – and it works. If you’re feeling less than body confident, don’t hide in dull colours until the feeling goes away, scare it out with something bright.  Choose something in one of your favourite colours and enjoy the psychological effect it can have on your mood. Colour is a powerful mood enhancer so pick your shades carefully and get out there with something bright and beautiful. It’s no coincidence that confident women tend to wear bold colours and patterns, so join them and feel the effects. Even just adding bright accessories or a bit of lippy is a step in the right direction if you can’t face announcing your arrival in an eye-catching pattern…

Personally, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been complimented on one of my Lindy Bop swing dresses. If I want to feel amazing, the cupcake or space unicorn dresses are a sure thing…

space unicorn dress

Boost your body confidence with the right underwear

By underwear we mean shape wear as well as pretty frillies, which aren’t always practical outside the bedroom… Having said that, wearing a pretty set of matching lingerie can be an instant pick-me-up too.

Shape wear has progressed since the days of Bridget Jones, and big pants are just one of the ways to give yourself a great silhouette whatever your body shape or size. The best shape wear doesn’t constrict or ‘pull it all in’ it gives you smooth lines under your clothes, irons out VPL and underwear lines and generally gives outer wear a good look.

Wingz are great for women who feel self-conscious about their arms – perhaps you’re on a weight loss journey and want to keep the tops of your arms covered?  They work well if you’ve been caught out by unexpected weather, too – sunburned shoulders appreciate cool Wingz sleeves so if you want to feel confident about arms and shoulders and need a little help, Wingz to the rescue!

Don’t forget we are selling ALL lace Wingz at a discount at the moment – now’s your chance to get them before they sell out!

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