Beautiful plus size model wearing swimsuit and sunglasses.

Woohoo, it’s the summer holidays, and if you’re lucky you’re off somewhere exotic. If you’re not so lucky you might be off to the seaside with the kids and be hoping the weather holds, but either way, even in the UK, we get hot weather some of the time, right? If you’re heading off on a plane, the first thing you need to think about fashion-wise isn’t whether the sarong looks good with the swimsuit, but how much can you squeeze into your luggage for 15KG?

The fashion experts all advise that we put together a capsule wardrobe if we want to avoid getting stung with excess baggage fees before we’ve even hit the departure lounge.

So, are you planning any trips while you’re away that need specific outfits? And big nights out? You’ll need to be prepared for those and of course, don’t forget Wingz if you’re going abroad, they are handy to use as marauding mozzie guards in the evening, and also if you get caught out trying to visit tourist attractions where modest arm coverage is needed, you can put them on and cover your arms temporarily.

As seen on dragons den

Decide on a few statement pieces; take cover ups – there are so many gorgeous kimono style tops and long loose crochet cardigans that you can use to sling on over the top of anything.

Natural fabrics help you stay cool on hot summer days, so go for cotton where you can. Linen also keeps you cool but creases like nothing on earth so it’s best avoided in a suitcase!


Pick a favourite floaty maxi dress and/or skirt that can be dressed up or down, swimwear and something to cover your legs if it cools down or the mozzies bite…loose floaty palazzo pants are in right now, or you could stick to leggings if you feel like going casual. Add a few vest tops and you’re all set.

…and don’t forget your hat.