unbeatable body confidence

It’s going to be a steaming hot Bank Holiday weekend, so bodies will be displayed, and skin will be shown. If you need a boost of self-confidence ready for the beach, put down the trashy magazines, step away from the diets and just take note of our top tips for unbeatable body confidence.

Stop comparing yourself!

Instagram has a lot to answer for, and it’s hard not to look at certain celebrities’ social media feeds and not sigh a big sigh of ‘I’m never gonna look like that’. Secret #1 to unbeatable body confidence is to remember that you are unique and so are all the people around you, so you will never look like that person online.

In fact, if we’re talking about celebs, THEY probably don’t look like that either. Ignore vacuous selfies and newspaper critiques of the latest Duchess, and just be YOU.

If you start feeling anxious about your body, focus on your favourite part of your body – and don’t pretend there isn’t one. Or ask yourself what you would say to your best mate if she was comparing herself to one of the Kardashians, or a Victoria’s secret model.

Change the record!

You know that thing where your friend complains about her thighs and you add “Mine are bigger/scrawnier/lumpier?” This is NOT the way to awesome levels of body confidence! Next time you hear a woman criticise herself, counter it with “actually I think you look great in that outfit.” Instead of spiralling into critical comments, make them positive and see how much better you feel.

Spoil yourself for better body confidence

There’s a reason why spa breaks are so popular…they allow us to reconnect with our bodies, pamper ourselves and feel nice. There’s no reason why you have to restrict looking after your body to the confines of a spa though.

Try adding little pampering treats into your daily routine. Spoil your skin, treat yourself to some decent bath products with your Boots points and turn your morning shower session into a mini spa. Indulge in a creamy body wash that leaves skin smelling gorgeous. Exfoliate, to remove pesky dead skin and then after drying, add a rich moisturiser onto slightly damp skin to make your whole body feel good.

Celebrate what your body can do

Bodies are for doing and not for decoration. Sometimes we forget this so remind yourself about how amazing your body is and what it can do for you. Pregnancy stretch marks aren’t a flaw, they are proof you made and carried a small human for nine months.

Prove how amazing your body can be by trying a new activity – it could be a brand-new exercise or dance class, walking further than you normally or a few more lengths added to a swim. If you aren’t able to add in physical activity, a new skill would be just as much of a confidence boost, try learning to play chess, make something or just grow things in your garden?

Challenging yourself and seeing just how much your body and mind are capable of can give you an instant confidence boost.

We are so much more than our vital statistics. We deserve to be happy, healthy and confident! Ignore the naysayers and celebrate your body this weekend…

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