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Are you in the mood for getting fit? The magazines are full of fitness articles, telling us we can get from the couch to 5K in 12 weeks, and they definitely do work; if you can muster up the energy to get out and go for the run you promised yourself you would last night.

One of the tips that magazines always give to help you with the motivation to carry on with a running or fitness regime is “Find sports kit that you love”.

It’s true that there’s a lot more fashionable sports wear for women of all different shapes now, although if you’re a plus size fitness fan you might find it harder to get anything that you really love on the high street and you’ll probably have to invest a bit of time into online sports kit shopping. There are lots of t-shirts and vest tops to choose from, but if you’re running outside, or walking (which doesn’t get you so warm, so fast) you might feel the need to cover your arms up, at least until it gets a bit warmer.

It also goes without saying that if you’re going to take up running, you need a really good pair of shoes/trainers and you should ideally have them professionally fitted.  There are some really good sports shops that will offer free fitting; I’ve had this done myself and it’s fascinating to see the way that your feet naturally fall when you walk and run. If you’ve ever wondered why you get aches and pains from walking or jogging, it’s probably because you’re over or under pronating, meaning that the pressure isn’t being evenly distributed through your foot, causing a knock on effect  that can affect your knees, hips and back, too.

But what if it’s cold? That’s another reason I know I give for avoiding getting my backside out of the door and getting some exercise in the fresh air. There are some really sexy, sporty sleeveless tees and tops in the shops, but if you don’t want to wear a bulky fleece or hoodie over the top, why not slip a pair of Wingz on under your top and over your sports bra (you are wearing one, right?)

Adding a pair of half sleeve or three-quarter length Wingz is the ideal solution to looking good while working out – and not overheating – as they are close fitting, not too heavy and of course look great under vest tops and short sleeved gilets too.

There’s no need to put off your fitness plans until the weather warms up; with the right kit you can get started right now.