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Our gorgeous Wingz are perfect for most occasions – but one thing that we think they are especially suited for is belly dancing! Yes, you did read that right. Belly dancers love to wear flowing, gorgeous materials and the chiffon Wingz are spot on for this.

We thought we’d have a look at some of the guidelines for belly dancing costume, for all you ladies that like to shimmy…

The main thing to pay attention to when you’re picking your perfect outfit is the spacing; you have to make sure that the top and bottom are well spaced to avoid looking dumpy. Even slim women can look shorter in a badly spaced top and bottom combo, so get this part of your look right and you are on your way to looking the part.

If you’re lucky enough to have a perfectly spaced midsection, where the space between the bottom of your natural waist, and the top of the costume bottoms are equal, you can wear any type of top or adornment as they will all look great on you.

If you’re short-waisted, you may also be blessed with a large cleavage too – giving you more room between the waist and costume top than you have between your waist and your costume bottoms. Try to find a costume top that minimises your cleavage, square, y-straps and t-shirt tops. Avoid long fringes that hide your mid-section. White you’re drawing attention from your waist area, you could add a flourish with some gorgeous patterned Wingz instead?

If you’re long waisted, you have more room to fill between the top and bottom of your costume, and so bra tops with an upward curve may look good on you, or a style with a v-shaped bottom to give an appearance of a shorter waist. Adding fringing to the middle of a bra top is another way to balance out your body shape, along with coins and beads.

Hip Scarves and Belts

In belly dancing, hip scarves are made from sheer material and draped along the hips, under your belly button. They can be plain, patterned, adorned with sparkly things, coins and beads, and even matched to a pair of Wingz!

Scarves take the eyes away from what you might think are your figure’s imperfections, and give a little pizazz to an outfit, giving you an opportunity to personalise the look just to you. You can wear them in a variety of different ways, straight across your hips or slanted down to one side. Wearing the scarf on the slant does help to elongate the waist.

Belly dancing belts are worn at hip level, adorned with coins, beads and other pretty sparkly things. They come in v-shaped and straight designs and like scarves, they are great for adding individuality to your outfit.

Whatever your body shape, a pair of Wingz will look good!

(image: http://pixabay.com/en/attractive-belly-costume-dance-20495/)