Christmas Party


It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that it’s Black Friday today…

That always sounds like a bad thing, doesn’t it? Like Black Wednesday was the day that the stock market crashed…if you remember back that far. They should really call it ‘Glitter and Sparkle Friday’ because the festive glitter is about to be sprinkled liberally onto anyone looking for a great deal on their Christmas shopping!

We’re no exception – not only do we have a fabulous 20 per cent off of every pair of Wingz on the site (can I hear a YAY?) our gorgeous sister site, FatPhrocks has been overcome with Christmas goodwill and just for one day there’s a stonking 35 per cent off of EVERYTHING.



The deals only last for a day though so you’re going to have to be super quick!

Meanwhile, in the spirit of “What am I going to wear to the Christmas party?” We’ve found some ideas for you. For the woman who loves to stand out in red, the gorgeous frock in the main picture is available from House of Fraser and is currently only £20. The Red Chiffon Flare Wingz are usually £15.99 but just for today they’ll set you back just £12.79!

That will give you loads of extra pennies to spend on the fabulous Anya Hindmarch Marano Clutch, a snip at £440 (although Dune does a good copy for a more conservative £59) and these covetable Kate Spade shoes, which will set you back £225. Simply Be has a less gasp-inducing pair of sparkly gold/silver Marta Johnson Mary Janes for £95, and a whole selection of fabulous gold heels and flats too.

There are some amazing bargains to be had today so once you’ve shopped for a tall, plus size dress at FatPhrocks and treated yourself to a few pairs of gorgeous Wingz to jazz up your Christmas wardrobe, see if you can catch yourself a bargain in the shoe and handbag departments too!

You never know, you might even have enough left over for a Christmas jumper…

Christmas jumper