long-sleeved swimsuit wingz

Did you know that long-sleeved swimsuits are officially a thing?

Well, apparently, they are now. We might be used to mixing up our beach wear with a change of neckline, the high or low-cut leg, straps or even a skirt but this summer surfer chic has infiltrated the beachwear collections and one- and two-pieces with arm coverage are taking centre stage.

There’s plenty to choose from – true surfer chicks might opt for an athletic style, while other beach babes prefer something plain for a little more sun protection. But long-sleeved swimsuits are definitely elegant and practical – two things we want in a swimsuit. And if you can’t find a style you like, you can always add Wingz to your existing one or two-piece swimwear and voila!

Long sleeved swimsuits online

Practical and stylish, this H&M swim top is perfect for sporty types who want to follow the long-sleeved trend. The advantage of this one is that the top is separate and so you can match it with whatever swim suit bottoms you prefer, giving you total control over coverage.


If colour is your thing, you can always trust Monsoon to come up with something patterned – and their Fabiana long-sleeved swimsuit is as pretty as a picture as well as giving you Factor 50 sun protection. The ultimate in functional fashion, this swim suit eliminates the need to smother arms and shoulders with lotion and is another part of the sun protective clothing trend we blogged about recently. The downside – it’s only available for girls up to the age of 13. But children need Factor 50 costumes too! Also available in other patterns…

captain swim burkini

Burkinis are absolutely dead on trend too, and they look great on women who want modesty as well as style. CaptainSwim does a great selection of long and short sleeved Islamic-approved swimwear and many of the designs are gorgeous. Well worth checking out if you want to cover up on the beach but still look good, and with designs at around £20 they are affordable, too.

If you love your normal swimsuit but just want to stay covered up during the current heatwave – which is very sensible as arms and shoulders seem incredibly prone to sunburn – why not invest in a set of plain Wingz to complement your beach gear?

wingz sleeves for dresses

Available in a selection of lengths and styles, plain stretch Wingz go with just about anything and will help you keep the sun off, get with the long-sleeved swimsuit trend and generally accessorise your sleeveless outfits everywhere in style…