skinny jeans girl takes on a white background


We’ve all had fashion disasters; worn something so terrible that we’ve begged our parents and friends to burn the photographic evidence (if we’re talking about the eighties and nineties of course.)
In the 21st century it’s a lot harder to get away with fashion disasters – with Facebook, Instagram and phones everywhere, your terrible outfit choice can be viral before you get a chance to explain yourself. The best thing to do if caught in a really bad outfit online is to tell people it was ‘ironic’ and hope they forget about it.

The reason we were thinking about these fashion moments we’d prefer to forget is that it has been brought to our attention that not happy with bringing back ‘the body’ last year – and not Elle McPherson either – the fashion powers that be are itching to make us relive one of the least comfortable or flattering naughties trends…the low rise jean.

Now, low-rise jeans look great if you are very slim. But before I’m accused of being a fat-shamer, although it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them if you are curvy of booty, the cruel fact is they DON’T EVER STAY UP. They don’t fit anywhere if you are curvy. The low-rise bit digs into your hips making you want to pull them up ALL the time. I know the pain; I wore them in the naughties as a curvy woman. I also wore them with the other supremely uncomfortable fashion trend of the time – a jewelled thong.

Whoever thought that wearing a piece of cheese wire with diamante gems on the top, peeking out of the back of the jeans that just wouldn’t stay up was a good idea? The thong jewels itched and the thongs chafed, the jeans felt like they were falling down and you just couldn’t wait to get home and put on your granny pants or pyjamas to get some shred of comfort.

Were fashion disasters of the 20th century just as bad?

We might complain about the strange things we wore in the nineties (bodies – they were not made to stay done up) and eighties (snoods? Leg warmers? Skin tight Lycra all in one bodysuits with leg warmers over the top? Fingerless gloves? The list is endless) but we’d be hard pushed to find anything as hideously awkward and uncomfortable as the thong/low-rise combination.

Can you think of anything that you’d like to be brought back even less than low-rise jeans? Or do you welcome their return with a smile and look forward to wearing them again, just because you’re getting fed up with bum-huggers and don’t want to go boot-cut again just to stay on trend?

We’d love to know what you think, what you feel was the ultimate fashion disaster of the last few decades and whether you’re going to be wearing the latest cut any time soon? Pop over to our Facebook page and discuss it with us there.