wingz holiday luggage ideas

There’s no sign that the 2018 heatwave is coming to an end just yet, and as it’s the summer holidays, you could even be off somewhere exotic. If you’re heading off to traditionally hotter climates the first thing you need to think about fashion-wise is probably how much can you squeeze into your holiday luggage – certain budget airlines seem to be quite hot on reducing the amounts we can take with us … and not telling us first!

In January, Ryanair announced that you would have to pay £5 for priority boarding if you wanted to take carry-on suitcases or hold-alls on board, and now they’ve increased the price of priority boarding too. Not great for your holiday wardrobe planning!

So how can you avoid being stung for holiday luggage costs? The fashionistas and trend experts suggest that we base our travel wardrobe around a few capsule items to avoid getting hit hard with excess baggage fees before we’ve even sat down in the departure lounge.

Holiday luggage must-have items

wingz holiday

If you’re on a hen trip or girls’ holiday, planning nights or days out that need specific outfits, you’ll need to be prepared for those so don’t forget Wingz. As well as being versatile and small enough to roll up and fit in your handbag, they are excellent mozzie repellents as the dusk draws in. They can make two outfits from just one item – go long sleeved when needed and stay short when the occasion calls for bare arms.

For family holidays and cultural trips, you don’t at to get caught out when you visit some of the more modest tourist attractions where  arm coverage is a must, so pop a set of Wingz in your bag, and you can cover your arms temporarily. Nobody likes being refused entry!

wingz sleeves for dresses

As for the whole capsule wardrobe thing, it’s easy with a bit of foresight and a set of Wingz. Decide on a few statement pieces you love; and add a few cover ups for cooler evenings on the seafront. Opt for cooler, natural fabrics like cotton and linen for maximum comfort where you can. Linen can be a pain for creases, so make sure your apartment or room has an iron! Having said that, wide linen trousers look amazing and are so on-trend at the moment, it’s probably worth the hassle.

You could also pack one of your favourite maxi dresses and dress it up or down, swimwear and something to cover your legs – loose floaty palazzo pants or leggings should work well. Just pop in a  vest top or two and you’re all set.

Oh, and don’t forget your sun cream…