summer trends for 2017

It’s certainly an interesting season, fashion-wise, and you’d be forgiven for assuming that anything goes in the eclectic world of fashion trends for 2017.

Spring looks seem to be trying to counteract the general wave of gloom and doom that’s been swamping the media, and taking our minds off politics and world events with bright colours, funky patterns, florals (of course) and yet another eighties throwback season that gives us yet more of the decade we just can’t say goodbye to.

Eighties decadence

Many different aspects of eighties fashion have been coming back to haunt us ever since the mid-nineties but if you want to get into the eighties vibe 21st century style, the stylists seem to think that you should be thinking less of the gold and silver lamé, frilly everything and enormous shoulder pads, and interpreting the decade in a more sophisticated way.

Think along the lines of indie-culture for day wear – Pretty in Pink and the DIY look. Cyndi Lauper and old-school Madonna, combined with lots of drapes and heaps of added volume (and not just in your hairspray) are making a comeback, if they ever went away. When it comes to a night out, evening wear has adopted the after-dark eighties style with nipped in waists and giant belts, flirty hemlines and the occasional big shoulder, scraped with dangly crystal earrings and the return of the towering stiletto.

wings trends for 2017

Colour trends for 2017

With yet another nod to some of the best and the worst of eighties fashion, colours are BRIGHT this season. Be prepared to stand out in fuchsia and every other shade of bright pink you can stomach, and if pink isn’t your colour at all, you can always opt for a scarlet shade, pea green or bright sunshine yellow. This season isn’t a time to fade into the background, that’s for sure.

As for the patterns – well there’s no surprises here, the floral has made a space for itself on the catwalk and in the shops, and we’ll be seeing a lot of flowers for the next few months. Although that might make you roll your eyes at the predictability of flowers in spring, there are some up-tempo variations on the petalled theme that make the floral look a bit more inspiring.

Anything goes this season, trends for 2017 are embracing any colour and combination –  including over the top jacquard florals with ruffles and quieter, pretty seventies style prints. High fashion designers like Balenciaga were showing neon bright carnations in the SS17 runway shows, so find a pattern and take your pick – long as it’s not Cath Kitson ditsy prints or anything too twee.

Mixing it up

If you can’t decide which trend appeals to you the most, there’s another one that makes it easy for you – mix and match!

Many of the designers went with the idea of mix and match this season, which takes us back to channelling the eighties, but 21st century style. Dressing ordinary jeans up with glitz and glitter, mad accessorising and wearing things that you wouldn’t expect to put together. An OTT feather boa with a plain coat, colours that clash, it all works this spring.