We are always changing things up at Wingz and we love to keep our products fresh, on-trend and as top quality as we can. Which is why we are making some updates to the range, and have some news for our Lace Wingz fans.

As you know, we’ve been selling our fantastic Lace Wingz for years, and we updated the design a couple of years ago to include the pretty scalloped edging they have now.

Kelly Allen Wingz review

They’ve been really popular, with reviewers saying that:

“Now I can wear my short sleeved and sleeveless summer dresses and tops. They will last me right into winter with my new Wingz.”- Ruth at Craft with Cartwright


The lace is soft and it was comfortable.  Sizing in my opinion is pretty generous. I think this white color would look so super pretty with a white dress, especially a white lace dress to give it that connected look and tie it together.” – Kelly at Leafy not Beefy

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We’ve loved the Lace Wingz too, but all things must come to an end and because we’re unable to get the fabric we need any more, we’re not going to be selling these lace beauties once the existing stock has gone. I know, it’s a shame and because they’ve been so well-loved, we might still get a different version of them produced in another fabric at some point, but for now it’s going to be bye bye lace Wingz.

Good news about Lace Wingz

Nope, because it does mean that we’ll be looking at new ideas, and also we’ll be announcing a sale very soon! So if you want to stock up on pretty black or white Lace Wingz before it’s too late, you’ll need to watch this space by signing up to the blog below, or keeping a close eye on our popular Wingz Facebook page where we’ll be announcing the details of the sale very soon.

A couple of sizes are already sold out but the GREAT news is that most of them are still available so our advice is of course to stock up on Lace Wingz in all colours and lengths while you can!

lace wingz

We currently have plenty of stock. We have most sizes of the white 3/4 sleeve lace Wingz ,the 3/4 sleeve black Wingz are available in sizes 1 and 3. For full sleeve lovers, in the black there are still plenty on sale, except for size 2. The white full length lace Wingz are available in sizes 1-3.

Unfortunately, all the half sleeve lace Wingz have been snapped up already!

We’ll keep you posted on any new designs and offers. Until then, enjoy your Lace Wingz – perfect for the spring that keeps threatening to emerge from behind the clouds…